Information technology system

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The term information technology system ( IT system ) is understood to mean any type of electronic data processing system .

This includes, for example, computers , mainframes , high-performance computers , distributed systems (such as server systems , computer grids , cloud computing ), database systems , information systems , process computers , digital measuring systems , DSP systems , microcontroller systems , compact controllers , embedded systems , Cell phones , handhelds , digital answering machines , video conference systems and various communication systems, etc. a. m. All of these systems currently combine the fact that Von Neumann digital computers are being used.

The term was used as a legal term on August 22, 2007 in a catalog of questions from the German Federal Ministry of Justice in connection with online searches . The Federal Constitutional Court held in its judgment on online searches of 27 February 2008 - BvR 595/07 1 BvR 370/07 and 1 - and the Internet in its entirety as information technology considered system.

Individual evidence

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