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The Evangelical Institute for Islamic Issues (IfI) is a network of Islamic scholars and is supported by the Evangelical Alliances in Germany , Austria and Switzerland . Through research and its presentation in publications, adult education seminars and in political and democratic discourse, society, churches and politics should be provided with basic information on the subject of Islam .

The Institute for Islamic Issues was founded on October 19, 1999 by the Lausanne Movement Germany. It is an independent work within the German-speaking Evangelical Alliances.

The chair (as of January 2018) are Dietrich Kuhl and Dietmar Schwarze. The academic director is the Islamic scholar Christine Schirrmacher , and the academic advisor is Carsten Polanz .

The institute offers an extensive online fatwa archive, articles on the subject of Islam and original voices from the Arabic and Turkish press translated into German. The German-English specialist journal “Islam und Christlicher Glaube / Islam and Christianity” is published twice a year and is written in by authors from numerous countries. The IfI also publishes books and offprints, maintains an up-to-date website and offers seminars and lectures on request.



  • 1: Ursula Spuler-Stegemann. ... in responsibility before God and people
  • 2: Walter Schmithals. On the conflict between Islam and the "West"
  • 3: Christine Schirrmacher . Open questions about Islamic religious education
  • 4: Christine Schirrmacher. Challenge Islam - Are We Prepared For It?
  • 5: Eberhard Troeger . Islam or Islamism? Arguments for its assessment
  • 6: Christine Schirrmacher. Is multi-cultural at an end? No alternative to the discussion of values
  • 7. Albrecht Hauser. Really no compulsion in faith? Religious freedom and human rights from an Islamic perspective - a theological approach
  • 8. Rolf Hille . Human rights and Islam - is the “clash of civilizations” preprogrammed?
  • 9: Christine Schirrmacher. Honor killings between migration and tradition: legal, sociological, cultural and religious aspects
  • 10: Carsten Polanz. Islam on the Internet
  • 11: Carsten Polanz. Answers to the most important questions about Sharia law
  • 12: Christine Schirrmacher. Arab Spring, “Islamic State” (IS), Christians in the Middle East and the search for a political future

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