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The International Football Association Board (IFAB) or International Board for short ( FIFA designation : IFAB ) is an international body that advises and decides on changes to football rules .

For this purpose, its eight members (four FIFA members and one representative each from the associations from England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales ) meet once a year.

The IFAB was established in 1882 when the four "original football associations" from the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - England , Scotland , Wales and Ireland - decided to hold a joint tournament for their national teams, the British Home Championship , which was held for the first time in 1884 . When it was founded in 1904, FIFA recognized the sovereignty of the IFAB in regulatory matters. FIFA has also sent representatives to the IFAB since 1913. The former all-Irish association now only represents Northern Ireland remaining in the United Kingdom , which has been the same association since 1882, but its scope has been limited to Northern Ireland since 1950 at the latest. Even after Ireland's independence in 1921, the original Irish association claimed full representation of Ireland until 1950.

A majority of six votes is required for a rule change. A special feature of the voting is that the representatives of FIFA only vote en bloc (i.e. all four votes together), while the representatives of the British associations can vote individually. As a result, a rule change requires the approval of FIFA and at least two of the four British associations.

Like FIFA, the IFAB is based in Zurich .

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