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The Football Association
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founding 1863
FIFA accession 1905
UEFA accession 1954
president William, Duke of Cambridge
National teams Men's
national team ,
U-21 , U-20 , U-19 ,
U-18 , U-17 , U-16

national team ,
U-23 , U-19 , U-17

Seat Wembley Stadium , SW1P 9EQ,
London , United KingdomUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom 

The Football Association (short (The) FA ) is the highest-ranking football association in England and the crown possessions of Jersey , Guernsey and the Isle of Man .


The FA was founded on October 26, 1863 as the first football association in the world. She was instrumental in formulating the rules of the modern game of football and holds a special place in the history of the sport. Today it is a member of UEFA and FIFA and has a permanent seat on the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

All professional football clubs in England must be members of the Football Association to participate in its competitions. The FA is responsible for the management of the English men's and women's national teams , the organization of the FA Cup - the largest and most prestigious cup competition in the country - and is also the umbrella organization of the English Football League (consisting of Championship , League One and League Two ) . The Premier League , on the other hand, is self-governing.

The FA plays a major role in the development of English grassroots football, but it continues to support amateur games and organize the national league system .

Origin of the word soccer

The English word soccer , football ', which is used mainly in regions where other forms of football are common (for example, in American or Australian ), derived as a short form of Association Football from. It describes the football that is played according to the rules of the FA. This clearly distinguishes the term from American football, which is more popular in the USA, and from rugby football originally when football was first developed. In British English , football is primarily what is called football in German. In Germany, English football is used for both soccer and American football.


Before the Football Association 's first meeting at Freemason's Tavern , a pub on Great Queen Street in London on October 26, 1863, there were no generally accepted rules of football. The founding members who attended the first meeting were representatives of clubs and educational institutions: Barnes, WO ( War Office ) Club, Crusaders, Forest of Leytonstone (later became Wanderers Football Club), NN (No Names) Club (from Kilburn , an area in north London), Crystal Palace (has no connection to today's Crystal Palace Football Club ), Blackheath Football Club, Percival House (Blackheath), Surbiton and the Blackheath Proprietary School; the Charterhouse School sent an observer but declined to join the association.

The first set of rules for modern football was drawn up during a series of six meetings that took place between October and December 1863 in the aforementioned location. At the last of these meetings, the FA's first treasurer , Blackheath's representative, withdrew his club's membership of the FA. The reason for this was the deletion of two drafted rules in the previous session. The first of these rules would have allowed walking with the ball in hand, the second would have allowed such a run to be prevented by kicking the opponent in the shin , kneeling and holding on. Other English rugby clubs followed him and did not join the FA. Instead, they founded the Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 1871 .

A premier game, in which the new rules of the FA should be applied, was scheduled for January 2, 1864 in Battersea Park (London). Enthusiastic members of the FA did not want to wait until the new year, so on December 19, 1863 a test match in Mortlake between EC Morley's team, the Barnes , and their neighbors FC Richmond , which were not themselves an FA member, was played ended scoreless. The Richmonders were obviously not convinced by the application of the new rules - they helped the RFU to form in 1871.

The game at Battersea Park has been postponed for a week. This was the first ever demonstrated football game to be played under FA rules on Saturday, January 9, 1864. The contending teams ' contestants , including many well-known football players of the time, were selected by the FA President Arthur Pember and the Secretary, EC Morley.


The FA organizes the following competitions:

Head of the Football Association

President of the Football Association

Chairman of the Football Association

Football Association Secretaries and Directors

In 1989 the position of secretary was replaced by that of manager.

UEFA five-year ranking

Placement in the UEFA five-year ranking ( previous year's ranking in brackets ). The abbreviations CL and EL after the country coefficients indicate the number of representatives in the 2019/20 season of the Champions League and the Europa League .

Status: end of the European Cup season 2018/19

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