English Football League

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English Football League
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Full name English Football League
abbreviation EFL
Association The Football Association
First edition 1888
Teams 72
master Wolverhampton Wanderers
Record champions Liverpool FC (18 titles)
Website www.efl.com

The English Football League (EFL), until 2016 The Football League , forms the substructure of the top division in English professional football, the autonomous Premier League .

It consists of the following leagues:

Game operation

The Football League logo until 1988
The Football League logo between 1988 and 2004
The Football League logo used from 2004 to 2016

At the end of each season, some teams are relegated to the lower division and, conversely, some teams are promoted to the higher division.

As a further incentive for the teams to avoid the safe positions in midfield, play-offs were introduced in divisions 1-3, which include the four places behind the safe promotion places. The winner of the respective play-offs also rises. In 2003 it was proposed to expand the play-offs to six teams. Although most of the teams agreed to this idea "in principle", the change was ultimately rejected.

In addition, two teams from the Nationwide Conference can be promoted if their playing field meets the requirements of professional football. In this case, the last two teams in the third division relegate to the Nationwide Conference.

There is no play-off system for the best-placed teams, the champions of a league are determined solely on the basis of points. The allocation of points is based on an evaluation of victories and defeats: three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw; in the event of a tie, the goal difference decides. If there is still no winner, the team with the most goals scored wins. If there is still no decision, a play-off game will be played on a neutral pitch.

Welsh and Scottish teams

The Welsh professional team Cardiff City plays in the English Football League and thus disqualifies themselves from participating in UEFA club competitions , while worse teams play in the League of Wales and the best-placed teams qualify for the Europa League. At present, this team can only qualify for UEFA competitions by winning the FA Cup or the Carling Cup . The places in the Champions League can only be reached via the Premier League , in which Swansea City is currently represented as the Welsh team . Scotland has its own football league system, which also includes the English team Berwick Rangers. Until recently the English team played Oswestry Town in the Welsh Premier League .

In English football, Wrexham FC , Newport County , Merthyr Tydfil FC and Colwyn Bay FC are other Welsh teams; With the exception of the long-standing Football League Club Wrexham, these are overshadowed by the well-known teams. Lately there were also many English teams near the Welsh border that played in the Welsh Cup . However, since UEFA made it possible to qualify for international competitions via the Welsh Cup, no team from outside the Welsh league has been allowed to participate in the Welsh Cup competition.

Former league structures

Founded in The Football League of William McGregor on 22 March 1888 with a division that at its launch on September 8 of that year, the teams FC Accrington , Aston Villa , Blackburn Rovers , Bolton Wanderers , Burnley , Derby County , Everton FC , Notts County , Preston North End , Stoke FC , West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers .

  • The Second Division was added in 1892.
  • The Third Division was added in 1920.
  • In 1921, the Third Division (North) was added and the Third Division was renamed Third Division (South).
  • 1958 united the Third Division (South) and the Third Division (North) to the Third Division and Fourth Division.
  • In 1992 the Premier League was formed after a break with The Football League. After that, the Second Division was renamed to First Division, Third Division to Second Division and the Fourth Division to Third Division.
  • In 2004 the three leagues of the Football League were renamed. The First Division became the League Championship, the Second Division became League 1 and the Third Division became League 2.
  • The Football League has been called the English Football League (EFL) since 2016 . The logo has also been changed.

National cup competitions

The FA Cup is the national cup competition and is open to teams from all levels. The winner will qualify for next season's UEFA Cup . At the League Cup (currently the sponsors name Carabao Cup carries) may only Premiership- and Football League teams participate. This trophy also gives you the opportunity to take part in international competitions. The Community Shield (formerly known as the Charity Shield) is also played between the Premier League winner and the FA Cup winner . There are also competitions in which only the teams on the lower levels are allowed to participate: the EFL Trophy for teams in the second and third division, the FA Trophy for semi-professional teams that do not play in the Football League, and the FA Vase for those placed below Teams outside the Football League.

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