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The International Police Association (IPA) is the largest international professional association of police officers. It has approximately 360,000 members in 65 states. The motto is Servo per amikeco (Service through friendship) ( Esperanto ).

History and organization

The association was established on January 1, 1950 by British police officer Arthur Troop to establish amicable links and encourage cooperation among police officers around the world.

The International Police Association is an independent association of active or retired members of the police force regardless of rank, gender, ethnicity, skin color, language or religion. It is therefore open to the police of every state, which enables free and unhindered international contacts between police members and the mutual exchange of experiences. The IPA is politically and trade union independent and not tied to any other group or institution.

Due to its purpose and objectives, the IPA has been registered at the UN with advisory status in the list of non-governmental international organizations (NGOs) since July 26, 1995 . The German Section has been officially recognized as a professional association since 2008 .


Gimborn Castle , an initiative of the IPA German Section eV

The primary goal of the IPA is to promote friendly relationships, mutual help and understanding between police officers at home and abroad. International police cooperation should be promoted through the exchange of experiences and the image of the police and the relationship between citizens and police should be positively influenced through public relations work.

In addition to making known and working through current socio-political issues, answers to questions in the area of ​​tension between personal freedom and state control are to be given.

The IPA undertakes to comply with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , as promulgated by the United Nations in 1948 , and recognizes that any form of torture is absolutely incompatible with these principles. In addition, the IPA endeavors to promote mutual aid in the social field and would like to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of different peoples and to the maintenance of world peace within the scope of its possibilities.


IPA house in Ramsbeck in the Sauerland

The International Information and Education Center (IBZ) Schloss Gimborn is available to IPA Germany for its broad educational program. Through the IPA educational and meeting events are offered worldwide, professional training for police studies abroad is promoted with grants and police- related study and educational trips are organized. The IPA offers its members inexpensive vacation stays and accommodation in recognized IPA establishments at home and abroad.

Every year an international youth meeting takes place in a different part of the world for young IPA members and the sons and daughters of IPA members. In many countries a national IPA magazine is published in addition to regional newsletters .

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