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Israelis ( Hebrew ישראלים Yisre'elim , Arabic الإسرائيليون, DMG al-Isrāʾīlīyūn ) is the name of the citizens or nationals of the modern state of Israel . Because Israel is a multiethnic society, Israelis are not only Jews , but also members of autochthonous ethnic minorities and non-Jews who are Israeli citizens .

Ethnic composition

Arab minority in Israel (2000).

Israel has over nine million inhabitants, most of whom are Jews , about 20.7% Arab Israelis and 4.0% others.

In 2014, a good 75% of the Israeli population were Jews according to the Israeli Interior Ministry. Among the Jewish Israeli population in 2001, 26% had at least one parent born in Israel, 37% were first-generation Israelis, 34.8% immigrants and their direct descendants from Europe and North America, and 25.3% immigrants and their descendants from Asia or Africa , mainly emigrants from Arab and Islamic countries .

Some of the Arab population lives in mixed Arab-Jewish cities such as Haifa, Jerusalem, Akko and Ramle, and the majority is Sunni .


The languages ​​most widely spoken by Israelis are Hebrew and Arabic . However, numerous other languages ​​are also used in Israel , see Languages ​​in Israel .


  • The term Israeli can be used for both genders: the Israeli ( masculine ) and the Israeli ( feminine ).
  • In the official language of the Federal Republic of Germany, the term Israeli is intended for both male and female persons. In common parlance, the alternative term Israeli is mostly used for women .
  • The genitive of the Israeli (masculine) reads the Israelis or the Israeli . The two genitive forms are used roughly equally.
  • The genitive of the Israeli (feminine) is the Israeli .
  • The plural of Israeli can also be formed with or without -s. As a rule, the plural is formed with -s: the Israelis . The Israeli plural form is rarely used.


On Rosh Hashanah 2014, the Jewish New Year, the Central Statistics Office published the current population statistics. According to this, there are already 8,904,373 million Israelis. Last year 176,230 children were born - 90,646 boys and 85,584 girls. In addition, 24,801 people immigrated to Israel.

At the end of the Jewish year 5777, at the end of September 2017, there were 8,743 million people in Israel. Of these, 74.6 percent are Jews, 20.9 percent Arab and 4.5 percent belong to other groups such as the Druze or non-Arab Christians.

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