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August 28 ,
2020 n. D. Z.

8. Elul
AM 5780
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The Jewish Era is the year counting in the Jewish calendar .


Analogous to the Christian era, also known as Count Anno Domini ( the year of the Lord , abbreviated AD ) is known to the Jewish count as will Anno Mundi (a shortened form of from creatione mundi , which since creation of the world or the year of the world means abbreviated AM ). Annus Mundi , however, also denotes a different world era in the Byzantine-Greek calendar.


Decisive for the beginning of the year in the Jewish calendar is the Moled Tishri , that is the cyclically calculated time of the new moon of the month Tishri. Moled Tishri of the year 1 AM falls on the Julian calendar on Sunday, October 6th (September 6th, greg. ) 11:11 p.m., 3761 BC. Since the day begins with sunset in the Jewish calendar (or at 6 p.m. for the calendar calculation), this time falls on Monday according to the Jewish calendar. Since none of the exception rules of the Jewish calendar apply, this is also the day of the beginning of the year. The 1st Tishri 1 AM, the beginning of the year 1 of the Jewish era, falls on Monday, October 7th July. / 7. September greg. .


It should be noted that this date is almost a year before the traditionally accepted date for the creation of the world (the 25th Elul 1 AM).



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