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Jürgen Oelkers (born March 21, 1947 in Buxtehude ) is a German educational scientist and professor emeritus at the University of Zurich .


Oelkers studied education, German literature and history at the University of Hamburg and received his doctorate in 1976. He became a research assistant at the Chair for General Pedagogy at the University of Education in the Rhineland , Cologne Department (now University of Cologne ). In 1979 he became full professor for general education at the then Lüneburg University of Education (now university) and in 1987 full professor for general education at the University of Bern . From 1999 he was a full professor for general education at the University of Zurich until he retired at the end of the spring semester of 2012. He was Visiting Professor at Hiroshima University (2006).

Oelkers was chairman of the Hamburg commission for teacher training and advocates the extension of common learning up to the 6th school year, as well as a two-year preschool instead of kindergarten. From a liberal position, he distanced himself from the alleged advantages of reform pedagogy and debunked many myths about its content without, on the other hand, denying its achievements.

Research priorities


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  1. review in Taz , April 11, 2012, page 18. According to the reviewer Christian filler Oelkers is the only one of 35 authors, indicating that the "progressive education", Gustav Wyneken , a convicted and unrepentant Pädokrimineller has been.