Yes, I'm there with my bike

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Yes, me san mit'm Radl there is a popular folk hit with lyrics in Bavarian dialect .

There are different details regarding the original version and the authors. According to research by the WDR , the song was first recorded in 1971 by the Wachauer Buam from Krems an der Donau . The authors of this version are Peter "Ciri" Hrncirik and Wolfgang Lindner. But the recording of the mountain echo from the same year is also referred to as the original recording. Its use in the soundtrack of the comedy film is insufficient! the following year contributed to the spread of the song. Also in 1972 Die 3 lustigen Moosacher and the Munich Dixie band Hot Dogs released successful cover versions independently of each other . These versions only have the refrain in common, while the stanzas both in text and melody represent independently created new creations. In 1973 Peter Hinnen sang a Swiss-German version with the title Mir sind mit em Velo .

The popularity of the song, which describes the joys of cycling , corresponds to the fitness movement that began in the early 1970s .

The melody of the song is taken from the American gospel Just Over in the Glory Land , which was composed around 1906. The composition comes from the Methodist church musician Emmett Sidney Dean (1876–1951). The text was written by the Texas- born spiritual singer James Warren Acuff (1864–1937). The Stanley Brothers recorded successful cover versions of this song in 1959 and the German band The Lords in 1967 under the title Glory Land .

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