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Map of the hunting grounds on the district of Hasel in Baden in 1904 - in addition to the current state of the hunting borders, a proposal to swap areas for the purpose of rounding up between the hunting district of the municipality and the local hunting district domains is drawn

A hunting ground , often referred to as a hunting ground or hunting ground , z. Sometimes also referred to as a hunting area , hunting district , hunting bow or stalking district, is an area in which hunting is allowed.


Map of the hunting grounds in the district of Wyhlen in Baden (directly on the Swiss border), 1920/21

Federal law

In the Federal Hunting Act , hunting grounds are referred to as hunting districts.

Hunting is practiced in hunting districts throughout Germany. A hunting district in Germany is either a private hunting district or a communal hunting district . The different ownership structures (private, municipal, or state property or other) do not play a role. A common hunting district can be divided into several hunting districts according to the required minimum area. In each hunting district which is under hunting the respective authorized hunter . Whether these hunting districts are then hunted by the owners of the hunting rights themselves or, as is customary in common hunting districts in most cases, are leased to hunting tenants, depends on the decision of the respective rights holder. However, there is an obligation to hunt with the exception of pacified areas .

State law


Map of the hunting grounds in the Cham district in Bavaria as of June 4, 2019

A state hunting ground in Bavaria is a private hunting ground of the Free State of Bavaria. In Bavaria, individual leased parts of a hunting ground are called hunting bows.


In Austria there is largely the hunting law.


In principle, there is a hunting framework law at federal level. In this, the cantons are obliged to implement it, so that there is both the area hunting system and the licensed hunting system in cantonal hunting law .

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