Ferdinandsko Hunting Lodge

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Coat of arms of Bishop Ferdinand Julius von Troyer
Coat of arms of Bishop Leopold Prečan

The hunting lodge Ferdinandsko (German Ferdinandsruhe , also Ferdinandsruh ) is a former hunting lodge of the Olomouc bishops and is located in the forests of the Drahaner Bergland on the military training area Březina in the Czech Republic . It is a free-standing single-storey high baroque building with two short side projections.


The castle is located about four kilometers west of Podivice and six kilometers east of Studnice in a small clearing in the headwaters of the Ferdinandský potok between the Stříbrná (Silberberg, 551 m), Srnčí (Rehberg, 537 m) and Dudín. The shooting ranges are to the northwest of the castle.


The vast forests in this part of the mountainous region have been owned by the Olomouc bishops since the Middle Ages. They use this for hunting and mining on silver ore was carried out on the Silberberg. The first fallow deer enclosure in the Kingdom of Bohemia was built below the Silberberg in the 15th century . Between 1755 and 1757, Bishop Ferdinand Julius von Troyer, west of Podiwitz, had the Ferdinandsruhe hunting lodge with a St. Create a chapel dedicated to Eustachius. His successors also used the castle as a hunting seat. The Ferdinandsruhe settlement had about six permanent residents until the first third of the 20th century.

In 1935, the Czechoslovak state bought the castle and the surrounding forests and built the Vyškov shooting range . The castle became the administrative seat of the shooting range. In 1940 the decision was made to establish the Wischau military training area for the Wehrmacht . To this end, a total of 33 villages were cleared in five stages between 1941 and 1945. After the end of World War II, the military training area was closed and on May 1, 1951, it was re-established as the Březina military training area. Later a new seat of the military administration was built with the PDA Dědice.

The hunting lodge has hardly been used since 2000 because it has not been repaired. In Ferdinandsko, episodes of the television series Četnické humoresky and Příběhy železné opony were filmed . Due to its location in the core zone of the military area, the castle is not open to the public.

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