Janus (Cyprus)

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Charlotte of Bourbon and Janus

Janus of Cyprus (* 1375 ; † 1432 ) was King of Cyprus from 1398 to 1432 and Titular King of Jerusalem and Lesser Armenia .

He succeeded his father James I on the throne of Cyprus.

Janus married Charlotte of Bourbon in August 1411 . She was very popular on the island, her arrival was believed to have ended a plague of locusts that destroyed fruit trees, vines and sugar cane.

After the battle of Khirokitia (July 7, 1426) against the Mamluks , Janus was captured by them and brought to Cairo, where he publicly paid homage to the Sultan. After ten months in detention, he was ransomed. During this time his brother Hugo von Lusignan , Archbishop of Nicosia, ruled the island.

After his death his son Johann followed him .

Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Jacob I. King of Cyprus
Titular King of Jerusalem
Titular King of Lesser Armenia
Johann II.