John II (Cyprus)

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John II of Cyprus († 1458 ) was King of Cyprus and Titular King of Jerusalem and Lesser Armenia . He ruled Cyprus from 1432 until his death.

He was married twice; his second wife was Helena Palaiologina , daughter of the despot Theodor II. Palaiologos of Morea . When he died, he was followed by his only legitimate child, Charlotte on the throne.

Johann had an illegitimate son, Jakob , whom he made Archbishop of Nicosia at the age of 16 . Jacob, however, did not prove to be a useful shepherd and was deposed after he murdered the royal chamberlain . His father later forgave him and reinstated him. Jakob and Helena were enemies who fought for their influence on Johann. After Helena died in 1458, it seemed that Johann wanted to appoint Jakob instead of Charlotte as his successor. However, Johann died before he could implement this.

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