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The term jazz rhythm describes in a broader sense the rhythmic properties that are specific to jazz music and the musical styles that emerge from it .

The origin of the jazz rhythm is the African variety of rhythms, but not to be equated with this. The jazz-specific manifestations include swing , offbeat and drive . The phrasing also serves as an element of the jazz rhythm. The rhythmic event arises from the interaction of all instruments and can in no way be restricted to the rhythm group ; rather, their percussive rhythm is to be understood as “a melody rhythm reproduced on percussion instruments ”. In the modern directions of jazz, more polyrhythmic structures can be observed. In free forms of jazz, an orientation towards swing is often replaced by a (rhythmic) energy game, as particularly developed by Sunny Murray .


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  1. A recent phenomenon is linear drumming , in which the drummer performs all the hits one after the other.
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