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Reclam's Jazzführer is a music guide that was first published in 1970 by the Philipp Reclam jun. was published in Stuttgart . It wants to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire field of jazz . The 4th, revised and supplemented edition of this work founded by Carlo Bohländer and Karl Heinz Holler with a length of 551 pages was published in 1990. The fifth and final edition from 2000 was written by Carlo Bohländer, Karl Heinz Holler and Christian Pfarr and contains around 1700 biographies of musicians and bands and the characterization of 470 compositions, each with a musical example. The following statements relate to the 4th edition that Bohländer created with Karl Heinz Holler and Christian Pfarr.

Structure / content

On 551 pages, the volume contains an introductory section, the dictionary section and an appendix.

The introductory part (p. 5–30) consists of a greeting by Albert Mangelsdorff , prefaces to the 1st (excerpt) and the 3rd edition, a list of abbreviations, the chapters “What is jazz?” (P. 9–11) and “ History of Jazz ”(pp. 12–28) and a timetable (pp. 29 f.). In their foreword to the first edition, Carlo Bohländer and Karl-Heinz Holler write: “Reclam's jazz guide has brought together results that convey new things in part. On the basis of scientific findings from H. Riemann […] and E. M. v. Hornbostel as well as closely following the work of jazz musicians of all styles, the problems of jazz were critically examined. The musical-creative activity formed the guiding principle for the present presentation. "

The lexicon part (pp. 31–545) is subdivided into the sections “ Biographies ” (pp. 31–347; with 60 illustrations in the text), “ Musical instruments ” (pp. 348–368), “Explanations of technical terms” (p . 369–418) and “ Compositions ” (pp. 419–545). All four sections contain the detailed, compressed information in alphabetical order. In the sections "Explanations of technical terms" and "Compositions", numerous musical examples explain the verbal statements.

The appendix (pp. 547–551) contains references in alphabetical order and a photo credit . It closes with a table of contents.

License issue for the GDR

In 1980, Edition Peters in Leipzig published a photomechanical reprint of the second edition from 1977, for which Bohländer and Holler were responsible, under the title Jazzführer. This edition is in two volumes and separates the personal part with 711 pages from the material part with 338 pages.

The following work

In 2003 Reclam published Reclam's Jazzlexikon , edited by Wolf Kampmann , with a glossary by Ekkehard Jost . It contains about 2000 biographies.

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