Silver ear

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Silver ear
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Silver ear ( tremella fuciformis )

Department : Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycota)
Subdivision : Agaricomycotina
Class : Tremellomycetes
Order : Tremellales (Tremellales)
Family : Shiver relatives (Tremellaceae)
Type : Silver ear
Scientific name
Tremella fuciformis

The silver ear ( Tremella fuciformis , Chinese  銀耳  /  银耳 , Pinyin yín´ěr ), also called "White Fungus" or "Snow Fungus", is a medicinal and edible mushroom that is highly valued in Japan, Vietnam and China .


The fruit bodies are white or pale yellowish and translucent. They consist of several leaf-like lobes that are 5 to 15 inches long, 4 to 12 inches wide, and only 0.5 to 0.6 millimeters thick. The fruit body has a gelatinous consistency when it is damp, and brittle and hard when it is dry.

Occurrence and distribution

The mushroom grows mainly on mango wood in tropical and subtropical climates . In most Asian countries, the mushrooms are grown on wooden substrates and are sold in dried form. They are also occasionally offered in Germany.


Food value

In Chinese cuisine , mushrooms are mostly used in sweet soups and desserts with fruit because of their slightly sweet taste, and occasionally also as a drink. In Vietnam, the mushroom is called because of its similar shape and consistency, "White Judas Ear" (Mộc nhĩ trẵng). It is more used there for hearty dishes. For the European taste, it goes well in wok dishes with vegetables or in clear soups.

Medical application

In Chinese medicine , the silver ear is used for tuberculosis , colds and high blood pressure , and liver-protecting and anti-diabetic effects have also been reported. The dried and powdered fruit body is mostly used.


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