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Jean Ferron ( 1910 - January 11, 2003 in Bry-sur-Marne , Val-de-Marne ) was a French Catholic clergyman and archaeologist .

Jean Ferron joined the Novitiate of the Order of the White Fathers in Tunisia in 1933 . After studying in Rome and a year as a teacher at the seminary in Koumi ( Burkina Faso ), he headed the Museum of Carthage from 1947 . Here he continued the archaeological work in Africa defined by Cardinal Lavigerie as one of the tasks of the White Fathers and, following Alfred Louis Delattre (1850–1932), devoted himself entirely to the exploration of Carthage, especially its Punic phase, his excavations should be emphasized on the south side of Byrsa Hill. He ran the museum until 1965, when it was transferred to Tunisian state administration, but continued to work there and carry out his research.


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