Jeanne Delanoue

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St. Jeanne Delanoue

Jeanne Delanoue (religious name Johanna vom Kreuz , born June 18, 1666 in Saumur , France , † August 17, 1736 ibid) was a French religious founder and is a saint of the Catholic Church .


Jeanne, daughter of a cloth merchant, founded the institute of the "Sisters of St. Anne of Providence" (French: Sœurs de Sainte-Anne, Servantes des pauvres de la Providence de Saumur) in 1704 . The congregation is primarily dedicated to caring for orphans and elderly people in need. Johanna vom Kreuz, so her religious name, was by Pope Pius XII. Beatified in 1947 and canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 31, 1982 . Her feast day in the liturgy is August 17th .

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