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Jevgeni Popov

Yevgeny Anatolyevich Popov ( Russian Евгений Анатольевич Попов ., Scientific transliteration Evgenij Anatol'evič Popov5. January 1946 in Krasnoyarsk , Siberia ) is a Russian prose - writer .

After his participation in the literary almanac Metropol, Popov has been active in the so-called underground in the Soviet Union since 1979 . After initial literary successes, to which he u. a. Vasily Schukschin had helped, he was expelled from the writers ' association after seven months of membership . In his learned profession he worked as a geologist, which kept him independent as a writer.

In 1980 an anthology with stories by Popow was published by an American publisher in exile. Only after perestroika did his works reappear in Russia.

To date, Popov has written over 200 short stories and four novels.


  • The heart of the patriot or various letters to Ferfitschkin in 1989 in the Volga magazine No. 2 (Russian: Душа патриота, или Различные послания к Ферфичкину), German edition 1991
  • The Beauty of Life Moscow: Moskowski Rabotschi 1990 (Russian: Прекрасность жизни. Главы из "романа с газетой", который никогда не буадет чена 1992), German edition
  • Eve without end Moscow: Tekst 1993 (Russian: Накануне накануне), German edition 1994
  • The true story of the Green Musicians (novel) 1998 in the magazine Snamja (Russian: Подлинная история “Зеленых музыкантов”. Роман) German edition 1999
  • How I went downhill German edition of Popow's Stories 1997 published in 1997

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