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Joanna (born January 27, 1957 in Rio de Janeiro ; actually Maria de Fátima Gomes Nogueira ) is a Brazilian pop singer and composer who is also known outside of her home country in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking world.

Joanna, who grew up in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, made her first steps as a singer at festivals and in clubs in the hinterland of the state of the same name . After her success in the talent show A Grande Chance of the television station Rede Bandeirantes , she received a recording contract and in 1979 her first LP Nascente appeared with the song Descaminhos , which was her first major success.

In the following years Joanna released numerous other albums and also appeared as a singer and composer of songs for telenovelas . Hits in those years were Espelho , Brilhante , Momentos , Quarto de Hotel and Uma Canção de Amor .

In the 1980s, Joanna was also part of charity events of the time, such as the Brazilian version of We Are the World and O Projeto Nordeste Já , a relief effort in favor of the drought-ridden northeast of Brazil.

Her name-bearing LP, released in 1986, was her greatest success with 600,000 copies sold and included titles such as Amanhã Talvez , Delícia Nua and Sozinha . The disc made its name known in other Latin American and European countries and soon saw it on numerous international tours and helped it to win numerous awards.

In the 1990s her style became less commercial and Joanna got involved in more ambitious projects. Her album Joanna Canta Lupicínio , released in 1994 and a tribute to the composer Lupicínio Rodrigues , was also a commercial success with 400,000 copies sold. In her album Joanna Em Samba-Canção , released in 1997, she presented the successes of this genre in her distinctive style. Her album Intimidad , recorded in Spanish in 1998 , sold a quarter of a million times, making it a success.

Joanna continues to record CDs and continues touring nationally and internationally.


  • 1979 - Nascente
  • 1980 - Estrela Guia
  • 1981 - Chama
  • 1982 - Vidamor
  • 1983 - Brilho e Paixão
  • 1984 - Joanna
  • 1985 - Joanna
  • 1986 - Joanna
  • 1988 - Joanna
  • 1989 - Primaveras e Verões
  • 1991 - Joanna
  • 1993 - Alma, Coração e Vida
  • 1994 - Joanna Canta Lupicínio
  • 1995 - Semper No Meu Coração
  • 1997 - Joanna Em Samba-Canção
  • 1998 - Intimidad (Spanish)
  • 1999 - Joanna 20 Anos (live)
  • 2001 - Eu Estou Bem
  • 2002 - Joanna Em Oração (live)
  • 2003 - Todo Acústico
  • 2004 - Joanna 25 Anos Entre Amigos
  • 2006 - Joanna Ao Vivo Em Portugal (live)
  • 2007 - Joanna Em Pintura Íntima Ao Vivo (live)

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