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Rio de Janeiro
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coat of arms
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Basic data
Country Brazil
Capital Rio de Janeiro
surface 43,909.7 km²
Residents 15,993,583 (2010)
density 364 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 BR-RJ
governor Wilson Witzel (since January 1, 2019)
Vice Governor: Cláudio Castro
Senators: 3
Federal MPs: 46
State MPs : 70
Political party PSC
GDP 640,186  million  R $
38,482  R $ per capita

Coordinates: 22 ° 22 ′  S , 42 ° 53 ′  W

The federal state of Rio de Janeiro , officially Portuguese Estado do Rio de Janeiro , belongs to the southeastern region of Brazil .

Its capital is also called Rio de Janeiro and is the central starting point of the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro . The residents of the state are known as Fluminenses , while the residents of the capital are called Cariocas .

After the elections in Brazil in 2018 , Wilson Witzel of the right-wing religious Partido Social Cristão (PSC) has been acting governor since January 1, 2019 . Vice-governor is Cláudio Castro , also PSC.


Satellite image of the country
Mata Atlântica with mountain range

With an area of ​​only around 43,750.4 km² (as of 2018), Rio de Janeiro is one of the smaller states in Brazil and is roughly the size of Denmark and slightly smaller than the German state of Lower Saxony. With 17,264,943 inhabitants, estimated as of July 1, 2019, it is the third most populous state after São Paulo and Minas Gerais . The population density is about 365 inhabitants / km².

The highest point of the predominantly mountainous state is the Pico das Agulhas Negras in the Serra da Mantiqueira with 2,789 m. The most important rivers are the Paraíba do Sul, Macaé, Muriaé, Piraí and the Rio Grande . The largest inland body of water is the Laguna de Araruama , in the east of the state , with an area of ​​220 km² . With an extension of around 635 km on the South Atlantic, it has the third largest coastline after the coasts of Bahia (around 1183 km) and Maranhão (around 640 km). The coastal region is called Baixada Fluminense and, together with the adjoining Baixada Santista in the state of São Paulo, forms the Costa Verde region .

The state borders (clockwise from the southwest) with the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo , which together form the greater statistical region of Região Sudeste .

The capital and largest city is Rio de Janeiro . Your neighboring city of Niterói was the capital of the state until 1975 and is the fifth largest city with around 500,000 inhabitants. The 14 km long Rio-Niterói Bridge , which was built in 1974 and crosses the Bay of Guanabara , runs between the two cities .

According to their economic importance, the next most important cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro are, in alphabetical order: Angra dos Reis , Araruama , Arraial do Cabo , Barra Mansa , Búzios , Cabo Frio , Campos , Duque de Caxias , Macaé , Mauá , Nova Friburgo , Nova Iguaçu , Paraty , Petrópolis , Rio das Ostras , São Gonçalo , Saquarema , Teresópolis and Volta Redonda .


The state of Rio de Janeiro has its origins in the imperial province of Rio de Janeiro, which was founded after the independence of Brazil in 1822 . The city of Rio de Janeiro was the capital of both the province and the empire . In order to do justice to its capital city function, the city was administratively separated from its provincial surroundings in 1834 as a "neutral city" (Município Neutro), whereupon the city and the province now represent two local authorities with the same name. Niterói became the new capital of the province . After the end of the empire and the proclamation of the republic in 1889, the province was incorporated into a federal state . Its capital was moved from Niterói to Petrópolis in 1894 , only to be moved back to Niterói in 1903.

With the supplementary law Lei complementar número 20 of July 1, 1974, the Brazilian military government under President Ernesto Geisel decreed the reunification of the state of Rio de Janeiro with the city-state of Rio de Janeiro, which had existed as the state of Guanabara since 1960 . The law came into effect on March 15, 1975, resulting in the current state, the capital of which is now again Rio de Janeiro.



Palácio Guanabara , seat of the governor
Palácio Tiradentes , seat of the Legislative Assembly

Wilson Witzel has been the 63rd governor since the state was founded since the 2018 elections in Brazil . Its lieutenant governor is Cláudio Castro of the PSC . The seat of government is the Palácio Guanabara .

The state is represented in the Federal Senate of the National Congress (56th legislative period) by three senators: Arolde de Oliveira ( PSD ), Flávio Bolsonaro ( Republicanos ) and the former football player Romário ( PODE ). 46 federal deputies were elected to the Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress.

Governors have been since 1974 in the transition period from the military dictatorship of Brazil and since the Sixth Republic:

In November 2016, the state declared a financial emergency, hospitals and schools remained partially closed and the police worked on a half-strike; in January 2017 alone, 18 officers were murdered. At the same time, the former Governor Sérgio Cabral was on remand on charges of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars.

In February 2018, the NZZ called the incumbent governor a “walking disaster”: He belongs to the clique of Sérgio Cabral Filho, who “eased the state by hundreds of millions of dollars”. The President of Brazil, Michel Temer , wanted to remove the governor's control; instead, by Decree 9.288, he was only deprived of control of the security apparatus, so that from February 2018, Army General Walter Souza Braga Netto , military commander of the East, took over the police for one year in command. The appointment of a federal intervener is constitutionally controversial.

legislative branch

The 12th legislative assembly Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (ALERJ), currently running from 2019 to 2023, consists of 70 members. It is based in the Palácio Tiradentes in the center of the capital.


The highest body of justice, including the state military justice, is the Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (TJERJ), the court of justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Judge Milton Fernandes de Souza is the president for the period 2017 to 2018 .


Ethnic groups

Proportions of ethnic groups according to a survey from 2009 (from a total of 15,801,000):

group Percentage ownership % annotation
Brancos (whites, descendants of Europeans ) 55.8 mostly of Portuguese , Italian , German , Swiss , Spanish origins
Pardos (mixed race) 32.6 mostly mulattos and mestizos
Pretos ( blacks ) 11.1 mostly Bantu and Yoruba people
Indigenous people and Amarelos ( people of Asian origin ) 0.4
without disclosures 0.1

Economy and Agriculture

The share of Rio de Janeiro in the Brazilian gross domestic product (GDP) was 11.2% in 2011, it is the second highest in the country after that of São Paulo . Overall, the GDP was R $ 462,376 million , per capita R $ 28,696, the third highest in the country in 2011.

The majority (approx. 58%) is generated in the service sector . The most important industries are chemical industry , oil and gas extraction and metal industry . The Tourism plays a very important role. The city of Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's most popular destination, especially for foreign tourists, while the small seaside resort Armação dos Búzios takes second place in the state and eighth place in all of Brazil.


Cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants according to the 2010 census of the IBGE with estimates of the population as of July 1, 2016.

local community
2010 Census

July 1, 2016 estimate
01 Rio de Janeiro World icon 000000006320446.00000000006,320,446   000000006498837.00000000006,498,837
02 São Gonçalo World icon 000000000999728.0000000000999.728   000000001044058.00000000001,044,058
03 Duque de Caxias World icon 000000000855048.0000000000855.048   000000000886917.0000000000886.917
04th Nova Iguaçu World icon 000000000796257.0000000000796,257 (2000: 920,599) 
05 Niterói World icon 000000000487562.0000000000487,562   000000000497883.0000000000497,883
06th Campos dos Goytacazes World icon 000000000463731.0000000000463.731   000000000487186.0000000000487.186
07th Belford Roxo World icon 000000000469332.0000000000469.332   000000000494141.0000000000494.141
08th Sao João de Meriti World icon 000000000458673.0000000000458.673   000000000460541.0000000000460,541
09 Petrópolis World icon 000000000295917.0000000000295.917   000000000298158.0000000000298.158
10 Volta Redonda World icon 000000000257803.0000000000257,803   000000000263659.0000000000263,659
11 Magé World icon 000000000227322.0000000000227,322   000000000236319.0000000000236.319
12 Itaboraí World icon 000000000218008.0000000000218.008   000000000230786.0000000000230.786
13 Macaé World icon 000000000206728.0000000000206.728   000000000239471.0000000000239.471
14th Cabo Frio World icon 000000000186227.0000000000186.227   000000000212289.0000000000212.289
15th Nova Friburgo World icon 000000000182082.0000000000182,082   000000000185102.0000000000185.102
16 Barra Mansa World icon 000000000177813.0000000000177,813   000000000180126.0000000000180.126
17th Angra dos Reis World icon 000000000169511.0000000000169,511   000000000191504.0000000000191.504
18th Mesquita World icon 000000000168376.0000000000168,376   000000000171020.0000000000171.020
19th Teresópolis World icon 000000000163746.0000000000163,746   000000000174587.0000000000174,587
20th Nilópolis World icon 000000000157425.0000000000157,425   000000000158319.0000000000158.319
21st Queimados World icon 000000000137962.0000000000137,962   000000000144525.0000000000144,525
22nd Maricá World icon 000000000127461.0000000000127,461   000000000149876.0000000000149,876
23 Resende World icon 000000000119769.0000000000119,769   000000000126084.0000000000126.084
24 Araruama World icon 000000000112008.0000000000112.008   000000000124940.0000000000124,940
25th Itaguaí World icon 000000000109091.0000000000109.091   000000000120855.0000000000120,855
26th Rio das Ostras World icon 000000000105676.0000000000105,676   000000000136626.0000000000136,626

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