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Música Popular Brasileira (MPB for short) is the name given to popular music from Brazil today , whereby “pop” can actually be equated with “popular”. The connection to traditional Brazilian music is an important defining feature, although there are also foreign styles in different currents, e.g. B. Rock or Reggae can be integrated. For the Brazilians, MPB is “nossa música”, “our music”, and is closely linked to the cultural and national self-image. Música Popular Brasileira is heard across all ages and social classes.

It should also be noted that in Brazil the distinction between entertainment and serious music ( Música Erudita Brasileira ), which is common in western cultures, is not quite as pronounced.

The term “Música Popular Brasileira” came up in the 1960s, shortly after the Bossa Nova came into being, which combined a more intellectual, student-influenced musician and listener scene.

Today the Música Popular Brasileira is incredibly rich in styles and the term is constantly being expanded as established MPB artists include new, only regionally known influences and styles in their repertoire and make them known in Brazil and in some cases worldwide.

In contrast to the music styles that are only known regionally, the artists of the Música Popular Brasileira are marketed worldwide by major international music labels. But this is also changing in the context of the so-called “world music” wave: even regional styles such as Forró are now also finding an audience in Europe and North America.

Artists of the Música Popular Brasileira (selection)


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