Johann Wolfgang Bieglein-Kreussler

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Johann Wolfgang Bieglein-Kreussler (* as Johann Wolfgang Bieglein ; after 1700 in Nuremberg ; † 1780 in Jena ) was a fencing master in Jena.

Johann Wolfgang Bieglein was a student of Heinrich Wilhelm Kreussler (1690–1752) in Jena. Since he had no physical successor, he was adopted by him in 1745, so that he continued the fencing tradition at Jena University under the name Bieglein-Kreussler until his death . With him the fencing tradition of the Kreussler ended in Jena, and his lead fencer Heinrich Friedrich Roux took over the position of fencing master. Bieglein-Kreußler apparently had to defend himself because of his privileges, as a file on such a complaint from 1777 in the Thuringian main archive in Weimar reveals . This was by no means only to be found in Jena, but also occurred more frequently in other places. He was also city governor in Jena.

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