Johannes Nieuwenhuis

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Johannes Nieuwenhuis (baptized November 5, 1739 in Amsterdam ; † January 14, 1810 Amsterdam; also Nieuwenhuijs or Nieuwenhuys ) was the fourth Old Catholic bishop of Haarlem .


Johannes Nieuwenhuis grew up in Amsterdam. He was ordained a priest on March 27, 1766 and worked as a chaplain until 1768, then as pastor at the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Amsterdam until his election as bishop on July 29, 1801.

On October 28, 1801, he was ordained bishop by Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn , Archbishop of Utrecht . As always on the occasion of such an episcopal ordination, Pope Pius VII excommunicated all those involved with a letter dated October 1, 1802 and declared the ordination to be illicite (forbidden). On June 27, 1808, Nieuwenhuis gave the farewell sermon for the late Archbishop JJ van Rhijn.


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Individual evidence

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