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Jon Sudbø (born May 3, 1961 ) is a former Norwegian dentist, doctor and medical researcher at the Radium Hospital in Oslo . He was a prominent example of fraud in science in the early 2000s .


He received his doctorate as Dr. med. (Norwegian doctorate corresponds roughly to habilitation ) in 2001 and worked as senior physician and associate professor ( førsteamanuensis ) at the University of Oslo .

In January 2006, Jon Sudbø admitted that he had made up 900 patient records of oral cancer patients, processed them into a study and published them in the prestigious journal The Lancet , along with 13 co-authors. The statement of this fake was that the risk of oral cancer in smokers could allegedly be reduced by half if one took paracetamol for a long time . He was also proven to have falsified images for publication in the New England Journal of Medicine . According to press reports on January 25, 2006, he also admitted the falsification of a publication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology . All 38 studies he had published over the past eight years were then subjected to an audit. The investigation by an independent commission showed in June 2006 that most of his other research articles are also worthless due to manipulated data.

Sudbø resigned from his academic posts immediately after the Commission's report was announced. In November 2006 his licenses as a doctor and dentist were revoked, and in December 2006 all academic degrees he had acquired were revoked.

Before the forgeries were discovered, Jon Sudbø had received 70 million Norwegian kroner (approx. € 8.75 million) in research funding for his oral cancer examinations from the US NCI research agency.

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