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Joppiesauce ( Dutch Joppiesaus ) is a cold, yellowish sauce made from mayonnaise , onions and a curry spice mixture from the Netherlands . It is mainly eaten with French fries and various snacks. French fries with Joppie sauce are called patatje Joppie in the country of origin .

In the Netherlands, the joppie sauce is available in most takeaways and some supermarkets . Outside the Netherlands, it is mostly sold in takeaways that specialize in Dutch fries; In the border area with the Netherlands it is also available in many chip stalls and supermarkets.


Joppiesaus was 2002 or 2003 at the fast food restaurant Annie's Snack Bar in the Dutch Glanerbrug (in Enschede ) of janYne de Jager, nicknamed "Joppie", created and offered. Since an advertising campaign ( Maak de Smaak ) in 2010, in which the potato chip brand Lay's in the Netherlands was looking for suggestions for a new flavor, the Patatje Joppie variety has been part of their regular range.

Ingredients and taste

The basis of the Joppiesauce is the same as for most french fries: oil , water and an emulsifier . On the list of ingredients, the manufacturer names vegetable oil (rapeseed, rapeseed), water, 15% sugar, 11% onions, food acids: (acetic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate), egg yolk, modified corn starch, wheat starch (gluten), salt, Preservative: E202 / E211, maltodextrin, thickener: E412 / E415, antioxidant: E392 / E385, potato starch, coloring: (carotene, lutein, E150c), herbs, tomato paste, flavor (soy), wheat flour (gluten), vegetable powder, spices, Pea fibers, sweeteners: (acesulfamide -K), aspartame (contains a source of phenylalanine)), celery, mustard.

The mixture of “herbs and spices” mentioned by the manufacturer is obviously reminiscent of curry. The original recipe for the Joppiesauce is not published. However, various recipes are circulating on the Internet. According to them, Joppiesauce consists essentially of French sauce, an Indian curry spice mixture and onions.


The Joppiesauce is produced by the Dutch food manufacturer Elite in Neede , who bought the original recipe from the cafeteria in Glanerbrug and owns the trademark rights .

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