Josef Böhm (politician, 1865)

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Josef Bohm

Josef Böhm (born May 6, 1865 in Landshut , † March 14, 1929 in Munich ) was a German banker and politician (BVP).

Live and act

After attending the district secondary school in Landshut, Böhm was trained as a banker at various banks in Germany and abroad . He then took over in Landshut and Regensburg established banking house of his parents that Bankhaus Adolf Böhm . He headed the institute until it was transferred to the Bayerische Vereinsbank Munich in 1899, where he was accepted into the board of directors. In November 1917, Böhm left the Vereinsbank to take over the management of the Munich branch of Deutsche Bank .

After the First World War , Böhm became a member of the Bavarian People's Party (BVP). For this he sat from June 1920 to June 1924 as a member of the first Reichstag of the Weimar Republic .

Böhm was also a member of the supervisory board of Maximilianshütte in Rosenberg, the Bavarian Central Bank , the Bavarian Braunkohlenindustrie AG in Schwandorf, the Bayerischer Lloyd Schiffahrts-AG in Regensburg and the Bayerische nitrogen works AG in Munich. In his Landshut homeland he was also a member of the magistrate.

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