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General information
Genre (s) skirt
founding 2001
Website www.u-piter.ru
Current occupation
Vyacheslav Butusov
Yuri Kasparjan
Sergei Vyrwitsch
Yevgeny Kulakov

Ju-Piter ( Russian Ю-Питер ) is a Russian rock band , the 2001 by Vyacheslav Butussow (ex. Nautilus Pompilius ), Yuri Kasparjan (ex. Cinema ), Oleg Sakmarow (ex. Aquarium ) and Yevgeny Kulakov (ex. Poimanje Murawjedy ) Founded. The name alludes to both Jupiter (mythology) (Russian Юпитер) and Питер (colloquial for Saint Petersburg ).


On October 11, 2001 the band was introduced (still without a name), in November the first single was released under the name Ju-Piter - Udarnaja Lyubow ( Russian Ю-Питер - Ударная любовь ).

In 2002, the band has made active guest appearances throughout Russia and neighboring countries, playing the songs from the solo career of Vyacheslav Butusov, his former band Nautilus Pompilius and the ex. Band Kino played by guitarist Yuri Kasparjan.

In 2003 the album "Imja Rek" ( Russian Имя рек ) was released. The band has participated in several rock festivals and recorded the song Surgi i Lurgi ( Russian Сурги и Лурги ) for a tribute album by the group Piknik .

In 2008 a tribute album by the band Nautilus Pompilius was released, with the second half of the album being performed by Ju-Piter. On October 11 of the following year, a 25-year Nautilus Pompilius anniversary concert took place in which some songs were played with the accompaniment of orchestral music.

Discography (albums)

  • 2003: Имя рек (name of the rivers)
  • 2004: Биографика (biography)
  • 2008: Богомол (praying mantis)
  • 2010: Цветы и тернии (flowers and thorns)
  • 2015: Гудгора (Hupeberg)

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