Juan Bautista Espínola Reyes

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Juan Bautista Espínola Reyes (born June 24, 1894 in the province of La Vega ; † September 29, 1923 ibid) was a Dominican musician and composer.

Espínola took lessons in clarinet and solfège from Francisco Soñé . He then played the clarinet in the Banda de Música of the capital and in 1907 became second clarinetist in the orchestra of Rafael Morfa . In 1908 the Cuban Manuel Pueyo brought him to his Unión Artística orchestra . From 1913 to 1915 he was a member of the army.

Around 1920 he became known as an interpreter and composer of Criollas, Danzas , Marchas and especially Merengues . He founded the orquestra tipica Lira Vegana , with which he performed his own compositions such as Pepe Virita , Yamí and El clarinete brujo and the Merengues Terapéutica , Mi entusiasmo and Burende adentro . When Victor Records released recordings of agrarontes lot and Rubén . Espínola composed a total of more than 500 pieces.