Julien Louis Geoffroy

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Julien Louis Geoffroy (born August 17, 1743 in Rennes , † February 27, 1814 in Paris ) was a French writer and critic.

Life and activity

Geoffroy was hired in 1776 as a professor of rhetoric at the Collège Mazarin . Until 1792 he was the editor of the Année littéraire and the Journal de Monsieur . At the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1798, he and Abbé Royou published the anti-revolutionary Ami du roi , which was soon suppressed; Geoffroy had to flee. After the coup d'état 18. Brumaire he returned to Paris and in 1800 took over the editing of the feature pages of the Journal de l'Empire (the later Journal des Débats ).


  • La mort de Caton , tragedy
  • Commentaire sur le théâtre de Racine , Paris 1808, 7 volumes
  • Cours de littérature dramatique , collection of his critical essays written for the Journal des Débats , Paris 1819–20, 6 volumes


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