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Reinhold Würth (born April 20, 1935 in Öhringen ) is a German-Austrian entrepreneur and art patron. From 1958 he built the screw trading company Würth into the international market leader in fastening and assembly technology with around 77,000 employees today. From 1999 to 2003, Würth was an honorary professor at the Interfacultative Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) and has been awarded several honorary doctorates .



Reinhold Würth is the son of Alma Würth and Adolf Würth , who founded a screw wholesaler for the joinery and metal trade in Künzelsau in Hohenlohe in July 1945 . He received violin lessons. When Reinhold Würth was 14 years old, his father canceled him from the secondary school and hired him in 1949 as an apprentice and second employee in his wholesaler for screws in Künzelsau.

Working life

When his father died, Reinhold Würth was 19 years old. After he came of age (at the time 21), he took over the management two years later, in 1956. In the decades that followed, Würth succeeded in turning the regional trading company into a global company. To this day, his customers come from the commercial and industrial sectors. Gradually, Würth also started buying up screw manufacturers. Since the domestic market for fastening technology was always very fragmented and vulnerable to the economic cycle, Würth expanded its trading abroad. In 1962 the first foreign sales company was founded in the Netherlands.

In 2013 the Würth Group is active in over 80 countries with over 400 companies. It achieved sales of 10.13 billion euros in the 2014 financial year, 56% of total sales are generated abroad. In 1994 Reinhold Würth withdrew from the operational management of the Würth Group and took over the chairmanship of the corporate advisory board until 2006. From 1999 to 2003 he was director of the newly founded Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Karlsruhe. Forbes magazine estimated his net worth at $ 12.8 billion in 2017; This puts Würth in 11th place in the list of the richest Germans and 130th worldwide. Würth contributed his assets to the Würth Künzelsau Foundation , which will continue to run the company after his death. Together with his wife Carmen Würth, he transferred the family share to a foundation in 1987, which he heads as chairman of the foundation's supervisory board as the highest body of the Würth Group.

Tax investigations

At the end of March 2008, there were allegations that Reinhold Würth was guilty of tax evasion . The news magazine Der Spiegel published from it leaked documents that the Stuttgart public prosecutor had been investigating Würth and five other people from the group's environment since autumn 2006. At the end of May 2008, it became known that Würth agreed to discontinue the proceedings in exchange for a fine. The Heilbronn District Court issued a penalty order against Würth amounting to 700 daily rates. The entrepreneur is therefore considered to have a criminal record . Fines were also imposed on two other responsible persons in the Würth Group. The tax procedure is now over, as all those affected have accepted the penalty orders.

According to the public prosecutor's office, all of the accused “did not gain any advantages of their own”. Rather, the cost allocations between domestic and foreign parts of the group were disputed. The legality of tax-reducing offsetting via the German parent company was the core of the dispute between Würth and the tax authorities. Since the clarification of the legality would have taken several years and a damage to the reputation of Würth's life's work would inevitably have been expected, he accepted the lesser evils of tax arrears, fines and criminal records. In an interview with the FAZ , Würth said: "If I had been younger, I would have defended myself in court."


Würth has been married to his wife Carmen Würth (born Linhardt * 1937) since 1956 and is a member of the New Apostolic Church with her, and they have three adult children. One of the two daughters, Bettina Würth , is a member of the five-person Advisory Board of the Würth Group and has been its chairman since 2006. Reinhold and Carmen Würth have lived in Hermersberg Castle near Niedernhall since 1974 ; Like other historic Hohenlohe buildings, he had the building erected in 1540 renovated at great expense. Würth has a second home in Salzburg . After the tax investigations, he applied for Austrian citizenship in 2010 . Reinhold Würth bought the Vibrant Curiosity motor yacht in 2009 . Würth flew his business jets for more than 40 years; he had a license as a professional pilot ( ATPL ), which he gave up in 2015 for health reasons.

In June 2015, the then 50-year-old son was kidnapped by Würth, who is mentally disabled as a result of a vaccination and therefore lived in a dormitory in Schlitz . He was released unharmed by the hostage takers. On March 14, 2018, various news outlets reported that the alleged kidnapper had been caught. A suspect was tried in October 2018. On November 27, 2018, the district court of Giessen acquitted the defendants, as the court did not consider it proven that the defendant was actually the kidnapper.


At an event in Künzelsau, Würth warned against a shift to the right, because "[many] small-minded people would like to change our constitution today , according to which we are obliged to take in people who are worried about their lives." , "To keep this right." In addition, "the proximity of large parts of the AfD to brown ideas [...] fatally reminds of the Weimar period ".

Promoter of culture and science

In addition to his entrepreneurial activity, Reinhold Würth has appeared as a promoter of art and culture. In 1985, he founded the world's first combination of an administration building with an art gallery in Künzelsau. Würth is convinced of the motivation of its employees through art. By 2008 he founded and maintained thirteen museums. These include the Würth Museum and the collection for screws and threads in Künzelsau as well as the Würth art gallery in Schwäbisch Hall with modern art.

In addition to the respective national headquarters of the Würth Group, there are now art museums in Denmark, Austria, Holland, Norway, Italy, Belgium, the Forum Würth Arlesheim in Switzerland and the Museo Würth La Rioja in Spain. The Würth Collection , which is shown alternately in the museums, is one of the most important European private collections. In 2010 it comprised 12,500 paintings, drawings and sculptures by well-known artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Musée Würth France Erstein was built in Erstein near Strasbourg next to the French branch Würth France, which is one of the group's most important foreign sales companies. The museum covers around 3000 m² and was opened on January 27, 2008 with works by Emil Nolde , Max Ernst , René Magritte , Georg Baselitz and Jörg Immendorff from the Würth art collection.

When the collection of paintings in the Princely Fürstenberg Collections was to be dissolved and sold in 2003 , Würth's purchase prevented the collection of paintings by old German painters such as Lucas Cranach the Elder and the Meister von Messkirch (Falkensteiner Altar) from being broken up . Since then, these paintings from the Würth Collection have been exhibited in the Johanniterkirche in Schwäbisch Hall.

In 2011 his purchase of the important early Renaissance painting “ Darmstädter Madonna ” or protective coat Madonna by Hans Holbein the Younger for around 50 million euros caused a stir . It is considered the "absolute highlight" of the Würth Collection   and has also been on display since January 2012 in the Johanniterkirche in Schwäbisch Hall. According to the Spiegel , Würth is also one of the supporters of the New Apostolic Church .

With his Foundation Würth , founded in 1987, he supports the company's cultural work, among other things by awarding prestigious prizes. After a generous donation from Würth, the Künzelsau branch of Heilbronn University was renamed Reinhold-Würth University in April 2005 .

Würth is accused of precipitating the demolition of one of the oldest half-timbered buildings on the market square of Künzelsau in February 2009 in order to build a modern hotel complex.



Würth as namesake

  • The women's epee world cup tournament for the "Reinhold-Würth-Cup" has been taking place regularly at the Tauberbischofsheim Fecht Club since 1987 .


  • Chairman of the citizens' initiative for the Heilbronn-Franken region
  • First chairman of the State Museum Württemberg Association
  • Curator of the student management consultancy delta eV

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