Julius Schult

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Julius Schult (born May 1, 1885 in Gahlen ; † August 21, 1948 in the Kohlberghaus in Altena ) was a co-founder of the German Youth Hostel Association and long-time full-time manager of the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV).


Tomb in the Iserlohn main cemetery

Schult, born in Gahlen in 1885, took over the main office of the Sauerland Mountain Club in Iserlohn at the age of 34 . During his tenure, the number of members of the SGV increased from 17,000 to 48,000 people. In particular, he dedicated himself to youth work in the association and was at the same time the founder of the first five regional associations (Brandenburg, Saxony, Middle Elbe, Hanover and Unterweser-Ems) of the German Youth Hostel Association. From 1919 he worked alongside Wilhelm Münker and Richard Schirrmann as the third board member of the Central Main Committee for Youth Hostels , which later became the Reich Committee for Youth Hostels .

It designed the logo of the youth hostels, a black triangle with white letters, was a co-founder of the Sauerland publishing house and editor of the Sauerland mountain messenger . He initiated the construction of the Kohlberghaus, an SGV hiking home with an attached youth hostel.

In his honor, a street in his adopted home Iserlohn, where the headquarters of the SGV head office was located, was named after him. The Iserlohn youth hostel is called Julius-Schult-Herberge


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