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Justin Wayne Tubb (born August 20, 1935 in San Antonio , Texas , † January 24, 1998 in Nashville , Texas) was an American country musician and songwriter . He is the eldest son of legendary country singer Ernest Tubb .



Justin Tubb spent most of his childhood in Texas with his mother Elaine, who divorced Ernest Tubb in 1948. The young Tubb originally wanted to be a sports reporter, but music has always interested him. As a permanent spectator of the Louisiana Hayride and witnessed the last show Hank Williams ' before his death, he learned to play the guitar at an early age.


Hurry, Mr. Peters , with Lorene Mann in 1965

Tubb's professional music career began when he moved to Nashville , Tennessee and started performing in pubs and bars. He followed his father's advice and became a DJ in Gallatin , where he also performed his own songs from time to time. In 1953 he received a record deal with his father Ernest's label, Decca Records . His first single, Story Of My Life , was released in October 1953. Initially, his solo recordings had little success. With Goldie Hill he had a chart success for the first time. Her song Looking Back To See reached the top five on the Billboard charts ; followed by Sure Fire Kisses . In 1956 he reached number eight in the charts with the Marvin Rainwater cover I Gotta Go Get My Baby .

A year earlier he had already become a member of the Grand Ole Opry , the most famous and successful radio show in the USA. In the early 1960s, Tubb signed with Starday . He was temporarily excluded from the Opry because he did not meet the required level of appearances on the show due to his tours. In 1963 he moved to RCA Victor , where he had his last chart placement with But Wait There's More . He continued to perform in the Opry, toured and released singles, but his most successful days as a singer were over. As a composer he was much more successful afterwards. Stars like Hawkshaw Hawkins ( Lonesome 7-7203 ) and Del Reeves ( Be Glad ) recorded his songs and were successful. With titles like Thanks, Troubador, Thanks and Just Me and You, Daddy, he paid tribute to his father, who died in 1984.


year title Chart positions
Billboard Hot Country Songs Billboard Pop Charts
Decca Records
1953 Story of My Life / Ooh-La-La
1954 Somebody Ughed on You / Something Called the Blues
1954 Looking Back to See / I Miss You (with Goldie Hill) Top 5
1954 I'm Looking for a Date Tonight / Sufferin 'Heart
1954 Sure Fire Kisses / Fickled Heart (with Goldie Hill) 11
1955 I Gotta Go Get My Baby / Chuga Chuga Chica Mauga 8th
1955 My Heart's Not for Little Girls to Play With / I'm Sorry I Stayed Away So Long
1955 All Alone / Within Your Arms
1955 Peper Hot Baby / Who Will It Be
1956 Lucky Lucky Someone Else / You Nearly Lose Your Mind
1957 It Takes a Lot o 'Heart / I'm Just Fall Enough
1957 I'm a Big Boy Now / Life I Leave to Live
1957 If You'll Be My Love / Party Is Over (For Me)
1958 Sugar Lips / Rock It Down to My House
1958 Mine Is a Lonely Life / Almost Lonely (with Roger Miller )
1959 I Know You Do / Buster's Gang
Challenge Records
1960 Believing It Yourself / Big Fool of the Year
Starday Records
1960 One-Eyed Red / I'd Know You Anywhere
1961 One for You, One for Me / My Heart Keeps Getting in My Way
1961 How's It Feel / Your Side of the Story
1962 Walking the Floor over You / They Painted a Picture for Me
RCA Victor
1963 Take a Letter Miss Gray / Here I Sit A-Waitin 6th
1963 Little Miss Lonesome / Sorry About the World out There
1963 As Long as There's a Sunday / When Love Goes Wrong
1964 If I Miss You / John Mason Whitney III
1964 Prematurely Blue / You'll Never Get a Better Chance
1965 Village Idiot / Where You've Concerned
1965 Hurry Mr Peters / We've Got a Lot in Common (with Lorene Mann)
1966 We've Gone Too Far Again / Together But Still Alone (with Lorene Mann)
1967 But Wait There's More / Second Thing I'm Gonna Do 6th
1968 Funny Things Happened / I'm Going Back to Louisiana
Dot records
1969 Great River Road Mystery / Blackjack Country Chain
Cutlass Records
1972 Travalin 'Singin' Man / Texas Dance Hall Girl
1972 Lonesome 7-7103 /?
Hilltop Records
1974 Don't Judge Me / Sunshine Lady
First Generation Records
1981 Pull the Covers over Me / Take a Letter Miss Gray
Second generation records
2001 What's Wrong with the Way That We're Doin 'Now / You'd Never Be Happy


  • 1957: Country Boy in Love
  • 1962: Star of the Grand Ole Opry
  • 1962: Modern Country Sounds
  • 1965: Justin Tubb
  • 1965: Where You're Concerned
  • 1966: Together and Alone (with Lorene Mann)
  • 1967: That Country Style
  • 1969: Things I Still Remember
  • 1972: Travellin 'Singin' Man
  • 1974: A New Country Heard from Justin Tubb
  • 1981: What's Wrong with the Way
  • 1985: Justin Tubb
  • 1996: Rock It Down to My House ( Bear Family Records work edition)

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