Artist association

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An artists' association is an association of artists .

Some of these associations equate artists with visual artists , others, such as the Hannoversche Künstlerverein, have architects, sculptors, painters, writers and musicians as members. Unlike the art associations , in which the public, collectors and artists meet, the artists' associations primarily serve the social gathering of the artists themselves and, above all, their professional representation . In some German cities in the 19th century art and artist associations existed in parallel.

The oldest artists' associations in Germany are the Association of Berlin Artists (VBK) from 1841, the Hanoverian Artists' Association from 1842, the Association of Düsseldorf Artists from 1844 and the Artists' Association Malkasten from 1848 in Düsseldorf .

The oldest Hamburg artists 'association was the Hamburg artists' association from 1832 .