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Art associations serve to mediate between contemporary art and a public interested in art, primarily through exhibitions and the sale of works of art to their members, especially in the form of annual gifts. They are usually managed in the legal form of a non-profit and registered association . In Germany there are over 300 art associations with 120,000 members at local and regional level, which have come together in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine . Some art associations operate an art library on their premises .


The first art associations were founded between 1800 and 1840 by the rising bourgeoisie and by artists themselves. Their aim was to mediate between those interested in art and contemporary art production and, last but not least, to sell current works of art. Dealing with culture and collecting art shouldn't be left to the nobility alone. Associations , including the art associations, were an expression of aspirations for emancipation, a step into modern democratic society, a free form of corporation vis-à-vis the corporate state. The oldest art associations include the Albrecht Dürer Society in Nuremberg (1792), the Kunstverein in Hamburg (1817, with formal statutes since 1822) and the Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe (1818). Since the beginning of the 19th century, art associations have been formed as early citizens' initiatives for art in almost every major German city. A little later, the artist also formed as a professional organization art clubs that took place in many cities in parallel with the art associations.


In the right of association enshrined, they have an elected by the members of the Executive Board. While museums are primarily dedicated to collecting art and galleries dealing in art, the art associations, as non-profit institutions, have dedicated themselves exclusively to the promotion and mediation of contemporary art. With lectures , guided tours and educational trips, they provide information about current developments and encourage discussion and debate between visitors and artists. The clubs are financed by membership fees, public funds and sponsors . As a rule, the board of directors appoints a director and a board of trustees. A notable exception is the grassroots New Society for Fine Arts (NGBK) in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where members can form working groups and submit project proposals. The NGBK was created in 1969 by separating from the Berliner Kunstverein (today: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein NBK).

Working group of German art associations

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV) in Berlin represents the interests of the German art associations and promotes joint projects. Art associations whose main concern is the public presentation and communication of contemporary art can become members of the ADKV.

List of art associations

This list does not claim to be complete.


place Surname since / until Remarks
Bask Aalen Art Association 1983
Achim Art Association Achim 1990
Awls Art Association Ahlen 1988
Aichwald Aichwald Art Circle 2004 Annual exhibition: In the mirror of the pictures
Altena Kulturring Altena 1971
Arnsberg Art Association Arnsberg 1987
Aschaffenburg New art association Aschaffenburg 1991
augsburg Art Association Augsburg 1833
Bad Neustadt Bad Neustadt Art Association 2002
Bad Salzdetfurth Bad Salzdetfurth Art Association 1991
Bayreuth Art Association Bayreuth e. V. 1980
Berlin - Marienbad pro arte vivendi 1998 a German-Czech art association
Berlin-Frohnau Art Association Center Bagatelle 1994
Berlin-Kreuzberg New Society for Fine Arts (NGBK) 1960
Berlin center New Berlin Art Association (NBK) 1969 originally: Berliner Kunstverein
Berlin Tiergarten Tiergarten Art Association 2005
Bernau near Berlin Gallery Bernau-Förderkreis Bildende Kunst e. V. 1989
Bielefeld Bielefelder Kunstverein 1929 Owner of the Museum Waldhof
Bodenburg Bad Salzdetfurth Art Association 1991
Boeblingen Böblingen Art Association 1961
Bonn Bonner Kunstverein 1963
Bonn-Bad Godesberg Bad Godesberg Art Association
Braunschweig Art Association Braunschweig 1832 in the Villa Salve Hospes
Bremen Art association in Bremen 1823 Sponsor of the Kunsthalle Bremen
Bremen GAK Society for Current Art 1980
Bremerhaven Kunstverein Bremerhaven from 1886 e. V. 1886 Sponsor of the art gallery Bremerhaven and the art museum Bremerhaven
Bruehl (Rhineland) Brühler Kunstverein 1972
Coburg Coburg Art Association 1824
Coesfeld Art Association Münsterland 1998
Cuxhaven Cuxhaven Art Association 1991
Darmstadt Darmstadt Art Association 1837
Detmold Kunstverein Lippe-Lippische Gesellschaft für Kunst e. V. 1972
Dortmund Dortmund Art Association 1984
Dortmund Hartware Medienkunstverein 1996
Dresden New Saxon Art Association 1990 Successor to the Saxon Art Association (1828–1945)
Dusseldorf Art association for the Rhineland and Westphalia 1829
Ellwangen Art Association Ellwangen 1984
eat Art Association in the Diocese of Essen e. V. 1960
eat Kunstverein Ruhr e. V. 1950 1950 as Tatkreis Kunst der Ruhr e. V.
Essenheim Essenheim Art Association 1988
Ettlingen Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen e. V. 1985 originally: "Freundeskreis Wilhelmshöhe"
Frankfurt am Main Frankfurter Kunstverein 1829 in the stone house
Frankfurt am Main Montez family art association 2007 The Honsell Bridge as a new location in 2013
Frankfurt am Main Art Association EULENGASSE 2003
Cheeky Art Association to Frechen 1962
Freiburg in Breisgau Art Association Freiburg 1827
Friedberg Art Association Friedberg 1976
Fröndenberg / Ruhr Art Association Fröndenberg 2011
Gelsenkirchen Art Association Gelsenkirchen 1968
to water New art association Gießen 1998
Goeppingen Art Association Göppingen 1986
Goerlitz Art association for the Lausitz 1855-1949 Forcibly dissolved for political reasons, re-founded in 1991 as an art association for Lausitz
Goerlitz Upper Lusatian Art Association 1991 Successor to the Art Association for Lusatia
Goettingen Art Association Göttingen 1968
Halle (Saale) Hallescher Kunstverein 1834-1936 Established in 1990
Halle (Saale) Art Association "Talstrasse" 1991
Hamburg Friends of the Kunsthalle 1923
Hamburg Art Association in Hamburg 1817
Hamburg Art Association St. Pauli 2006
Hamburg-Harburg Art Association Harburger Bahnhof 1999
Hamm Art Association Hamm
Hanover Kestnergesellschaft 1916 Closed for political reasons in 1936, re-established in 1948
Hanover Art Association Hanover 1832
Heidelberg Heidelberg Art Association 1869
Heidenheim Art Association Heidenheim 1973
Hasselbach Art Association Hasselbach 1986
Heilbronn Heilbronn Art Association 1879
Heinsberg Art Association of the Heinsberg region 1985
Heppenheim Art Association Heppenheim 2009
Herford Herford Art Association in the Daniel-Pöppelmann-Haus e. V. 1955
Hildesheim Art Association Hildesheim 1978
court Kunstverein Hof e. V. 1863, 1996
Hofheim am Taunus Hofheim Art Association V. 1966
Husum Kunstverein Husum and the surrounding area 1992
Ibbenbueren Art Association Ibbenbüren 1965
Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Art Association 1959
Iserlohn Art Association Villa Wessel 1990 Iserlohn Art Prize since 2003
Jena Art Association Jena e. V. 1903
Karlsruhe Badischer Kunstverein 1818
kassel Art Association Kassel 1835
Cologne Temporary Gallery 2008 2018 Prize for art associations of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine and Art Cologne.
Cologne Community of artists and art lovers 1927
Cologne Cologne Art Association 1839
Constancy Kunstverein Konstanz 1858
Krefeld Krefeld Art Association 1883
Landau in the Palatinate Art Association Villa Streccius 1980
Landshut Art Association Landshut eV 1970
Langenburg Hohenloher Kunstverein 1958
Langenfeld Kunstverein Langenfeld 1983
Langenhagen Art Association Langenhagen 1981
Leipzig Leipzig Art Association 1837-1945
Leipzig New Leipzig Art Association 1990 Successor of the Leipziger Kunstverein (1837–1945)
Leipzig Leipzig Art Association 1993
Leipzig Kunstverein Delikatessenhaus 2005 Exhibition location: "Kunstraum NeuDeli"
Leipzig D21 Kunstraum Leipzig 2006
Leverkusen Leverkusen Art Association
Lingen Art Association Lingen 1983
Ludwigsburg Art Association of the Ludwigsburg district 1973
Lübeck Overbeck Society , Association of Friends of Art V. 1918 Exhibition pavilion in the sculpture garden of the Behnhaus Museum .
Luneburg Hall for Art Lüneburg eV 1995
Ludwigshafen am Rhein Art Association Ludwigshafen 1928
Mainz Art Association Freigeist e. V. 2010
Mainz Art Association Eisenturm Mainz e. V. 1975 originally Förderkreis Eisenturm (1975), then Künstlerhaus Eisenturm in Mainz - Friends of the Fine Arts (until 1987)
Mainz Association for art and literature 1824–188?
Mannheim Mannheim Art Association 1833
Marburg Marburg Art Association 1953 emerged from the "Künstlerkreis Marburg"
Meerane Meeraner Kunstverein 1993
Meiningen NEKST e. V. 2001 NEKST stands for New European Art Salon Thuringia
Meissen Art Association Meißen 1992
Mölln Lauenburg Art Association 1984
Mönchengladbach MMIII Art Association Mönchengladbach
Mosbach Art Association Neckar-Odenwald 1977
Mülheim an der Ruhr Mülheimer Kunstverein e. V. 1956
Mülheim an der Ruhr KUNSTVEREIN AND KUNSTFÖRDERVEREIN RHEIN-RUHR, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr (KKRR for short) 2012
Munich Art space Munich 1973 originally: Friends of the Fine Arts (1926)
Munich Art Association Munich 1823
Munich Positive Propaganda e. V. 2012 International street art and contemporary socio-political art
Munich Association for Original Etching 1891
Muenster Westphalian Art Association 1831
Neuenhaus Grafschaft Bentheim Art Association 1993
Nordlingen Art Association Nördlingen 2001
Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer Society
Art Association Nuremberg
1792 originally an art society (1792), then an association of artists and art lovers , merged with the Albrecht Dürer Association (1818) in 1830
Nuremberg Art Association Nuremberg 1976 Art Association Hintere Cramergasse e. V., Frankenstrasse 200
Oberhausen Kunstverein Oberhausen 1950/1953
Oldenburg Oldenburg Art Association 1843
Paderborn Art Association Paderborn e. V. 1968
Passau Art Association Passau 1949
Pforzheim Art Association Pforzheim 1877
Potsdam Potsdamer Kunstverein e. V. 1912
Potsdam Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam e. V. 2002
Potsdam Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam e. V. 1993
Radebeul Radebeuler Art Association 1996 Successor of the Art Association for the Lößnitz (1907–1914)
regensburg Art and Trade Association Regensburg 1838 1925 Fusion of the art association with the Regensburg trade association (founded in 1847)
Reutlingen Reutlingen Art Association 1953 emerged from the Hans Thoma Society founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1925
to reprimand Art Association Rügen 1991
Saarbrücken New Saarbrücker Kunstverein 2010
Schwäbisch Gmünd Gmünder Kunstverein 1890
Schwäbisch Hall Schwäbisch Hall Art Association 1997 originally "Städtische Galerie" (1976–1997)
Schweinfurt Art Association Schweinfurt 1986 originally "Friends of the Municipal Collections" (1986–1992)
Swords Schwerte Art Association 1987
Wins Kunstverein Siegen 1980
Solingen Solingen Art Association 1989
Speyer Art Association Speyer 1968
Stuttgart Stuttgart Art Association 1996
Stuttgart Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart 1827
Tauberbischofsheim Art Association Tauberbischofsheim 1981
Torgau Art and Culture Association Torgau 1981
trier Art Association Trier Young Art 1995 originally: Friends of Young Art (1991)
Ulm Ulm Art Association 1887
Unna Art Association Unna 1968
Viernheim Art Association Viernheim 1999
Wedemark imago Art Association Wedemark 1995 Association for visual arts, music, literature and performing arts
Wedemark KUNSTverein 2000 Wedemark 2000
Weinheim Kunstförderverein Weinheim e. V. 1986
Werne Art Association Werne 1995
Wesel Niederrheinischer Kunstverein 1981
Wiesbaden Nassau Art Association 1847 originally Society of Friends of Fine Arts in the Duchy of Nassau
Wolfenbüttel Wolfenbüttel Art Association 1975
Wuppertal - Barmen Art Association Barmen 1866
Wuppertal - Elberfeld Bergische Kunstgenossenschaft eV 1905
Wunstorf Art Association Wunstorf 1984
Wurzburg Art Association Würzburg 1989
Xanten Art Association Xanten e. V. (KUX) 1974


place Surname since Remarks
Bolzano Ar / ge art Galleria Museo 1985
Milan Art Association of Milano 2010


place Surname since Remarks
Vienna Vienna Art Association 1830
Vienna museum in progress 1990
Salzburg Salzburg Art Association 1844
Linz Upper Austrian Art Association 1851
Linz Association of Artists of Upper Austria - bvoö 1945 originally: "Professional Association of Visual Artists Upper Austria - BVOÖ"
Klagenfurt Art Association Carinthia 1907
Graz Grazer Kunstverein 1986
Tyrol Tyrolean artists 1946


place Surname since / until Remarks
Basel Basel Art Association 1839
Bern Bernese Art Society 1813
Muttenz Kunsthaus Baselland 1997
St. Gallen Art Association St. Gallen 1827
Wil Kunsthalle Wil 1991
Winterthur Winterthur Art Museum 1848
Zurich Edition VFO , Association for Original Graphics 1948
Zurich Kunsthalle Zurich 1985


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