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Kunsthalle in Basel

The Basler Kunstverein is an art association in Basel and sponsor of the Kunsthalle Basel .


The Basler Kunstverein was founded in 1839 to enable contacts between artists and art collectors. In 1841 he organized his first exhibition with younger Basel artists.

In 1864 it was merged with the Basler Künstlergesellschaft whose president Johann Im Hof was. In 1872 he opened his own art gallery, which was used for exhibitions. Commissions for artistic decoration went to Arnold Böcklin , Ernst Stückelberg and other artists. The construction was financed with the operating profit of the Basel ferries .

The most important exhibitions of the association include early solo exhibitions by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner , Edvard Munch , Vincent van Gogh , Marc Chagall , Paul Klee , Emil Nolde and Piet Mondrian . In 1958, the exhibition New American Painting showed works by contemporary Abstract Expressionists for the first time in Europe .

At the end of 2017, the association had 1,348 members. The art collection includes around 800 works.


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