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Thomas Kellein (* 1955 in Nuremberg ) is a German art historian.

Live and act

Thomas Kellein spent his high school days in Hanover, while studying art history , philosophy and literature took him to Berlin, Hamburg and Marburg an der Lahn. Kellein received his PhD in 1982. His dissertation is in the book Sputnikschock und Mondlandung . Major artistic projects by Yves Klein zu Christo as well as in an additional part in his catalog Walter De Maria . 5 continents sculpture published. Kellein lives in Berlin.

In 1982 Kellein was appointed curator at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart , where he was in charge of the international "Archive for Intermedia Art after 1945" founded by Hanns Sohm. Since then he has curated exhibitions, initially with Ad Reinhardt and later with Walter De Maria .

In 1988, Kellein accepted an appointment as director of the Kunsthalle Basel , where he held exhibitions by Mark Rothko , Clyfford Still , Andy Warhol , Mike Kelley , John McCracken , Cindy Sherman , Hiroshi Sugimoto , Rachel Whiteread and the thematic projects “The 21st Century "And" World Morality. Morals in the Visual Arts Today “organized. Several of the exhibitions mentioned have traveled from Basel to various European countries and the USA.

During his time in Basel, Kellein was a guest curator at Watari-Um in Tokyo , at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. In 1995 he organized the historical exhibition “Pierrot. Melancholy and Mask ”. Between 1982 and 1996 he worked as a lecturer and professor for art history at the Philipps University of Marburg , the Stuttgart Art Academy , the University of Stuttgart and the University of Freiburg .

From 1996 to 2010 Kellein was director of the Kunsthalle Bielefeld . Under his leadership, the municipal museum transformed into a non-profit operating company. Kellein curated exhibitions by Alvar and Aino Aalto , Vanessa Beecroft , Louise Bourgeois , George Condo , Paul Delvaux , Fang Lijun , Caspar David Friedrich , Adam Fuss, Donald Judd , Ilya and Emilia Kabakov , Jeff Koons , Henri Laurens , Robert Longo , in Bielefeld , Kasimir Malewitsch , Yoko Ono , Pablo Picasso , Rirkrit Tiravanija or Not Vital . The thematic projects he worked on until 2010 included “1937. Perfection and Destruction ”,“ 1968. The Great Innocence ”and“ The 80s Revisited. Bischofberger Collection ”.

In 1997, Kellein initiated the state-funded project "Garden Landscape OstWestfalenLippe" in public and private gardens and parks, which from 2000 to 2010 comprised up to six different room arrangements per year. The participating gardeners and artists included a. Georg Baselitz , Gilles Clément , George Condo , Richard Deacon , Olafur Eliasson , Jenny Holzer , Ilya and Emilia Kabakov , Anish Kapoor , Jonathan Meese , Christiane Möbus , Piet Oudolf , Tobias Rehberger , Thomas Schütte , Martha Schwartz , Yutaka Sone or Jan Vercruysse . Several of the spatial arrangements, for example by Jenny Holzer in the Rheder Castle Park, are accessible as permanent installations. The “Piet Oudolf Garden” has been open in the Count's Park Bad Driburg since 2009.

In 2010, Kellein was appointed director of the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, where he remained until 2012. The approximately 130 hectare site includes more than thirty buildings, which the American sculptor Donald Judd added with his own works from 1982 onwards with funds from the New York Dia Art Foundation in order to make them accessible to selected artists. Kellein invited him to Basel in 1991 with the help of the Zwimpfer Partner architectural office , where Judd developed the facade design of the Ostbahnhof.

From 2012 to 2013 Kellein was an independent artistic consultant. Since 2013 he has been director of the Art Consult department at Berenberg Bank , which was relocated from Hamburg to Zurich in 2017. Between 1987 and 2010 he worked as a consultant for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, the Staff Foundation in Lemgo, various cities and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia and the NRW Bank in Düsseldorf. Today he is Director of Art Consult at Bergos Berenberg AG in Zurich and continues to advise the Berenberg Group.

For the Written Art Foundation in Frankfurt am Main he curated the exhibition “The Grace Of A Gesture” with works by the New York artist Lawrence Weiner as part of the 2013 Venice Biennale . In 2015, Jenny Holzer's exhibition "War Paintings" followed at the Museo Correr . In 2017, the exhibition “The Home of My Eyes” by Shirin Neshat took place at the Museo Correr, Venice, under his direction . In 2019, the exhibition “Mapp Mondo” by Qiu Zhijie will be shown at the UCCA in Beijing, the focus of which is the series of “24 World Maps” commissioned by Kellein for the Written Art Collection.

In January 2015, Kellein testified as a witness in the trial against Helge Achenbach .

For the television series 1000 Masterpieces he wrote contributions to paintings by Georg Baselitz , Willem de Kooning , and Roy Lichtenstein . These texts were also printed in the books accompanying the series, are sporadically repeated on 3sat , ZDFkultur and Planet and are now available on DVD publications (see 1000 Masterworks # Literature ).


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