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Villa Wessel

The Villa Wessel in Iserlohn is home to the art association “Wilhelm Wessel / Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh e. V. ".


The house of the Wessel couple, Wilhelm Wessel and Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh , is one of the impressive buildings in the area of ​​Gartenstrasse and Stennerstrasse in Iserlohn. A staircase leads to a high terrace, which stands on a wall of rubble stones and is crowned by a balustrade, which leads to a portal in the style of the Westphalian Baroque . The architect Otto Leppin executed this building in 1891 on behalf of Kommerzienrat Otto Auer, co-owner of Kissing & Möllmann - in the vicinity of the old daughter school of Fanny van Hees, which was built in 1862 according to plans by Max Hohl .


The association was founded on September 9, 1990 in the artist village of Barendorf at the suggestion of Mayor Fritz Fischer and City Director Heiko Wetekam as "Wilhelm Wessel / Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh e. V. “founded. He has set himself the task of showing exhibitions from classical modernism to important contemporary trends with a focus on early post-war art and thus the artistic environment of the Wessels, as well as supporting the city of Iserlohn in processing the artistic legacy of the Wessel couple.


The exhibitions of the Kunstverein take place in the rooms provided by the city of Iserlohn on the ground floor of the representative Villa Wessel, from 1955 to 1980 living rooms of the artist couple Wilhelm Wessel and Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh, at Gartenstrasse 31 in Iserlohn.

From 1993 to 2001, the artist initiative Artothek Intervall, with the support of the city of Iserlohn, also used the rooms of the Wessel Association to offer works for loan in three annual exhibitions.

Exhibited artists (selection)

Iserlohn Art Prize

The Iserlohn Art Prize is awarded to the work of an established artist of outstanding quality in the field of painting or sculpture. The award ceremony and the accompanying exhibition in the Villa Wessel in Iserlohn enrich the cultural life of the region.

The prize was awarded from 2003 to 2013 by the community foundation of Sparkasse Iserlohn in cooperation with the association “ Wilhelm Wessel / Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh e. V. “awarded. It was endowed with 15,000 euros each and was judged every two years, i.e. 6 times. As of 2016, the prize will be awarded by the art association “Wilhelm Wessel / Irmgart Wessel-Zumloh e. V. “- with the help of a private, unnamed sponsor - and the prize money increased to 20,000 euros. In future, the prize will be awarded every three years.

Previous winners: 2003 Max Neumann , 2005 Olav Christopher Jenssen , 2007 Leiko Ikemura , 2009 David Nash , 2011 Pia Fries , 2013 Jaume Plensa and 2016 Laura Ford , 2019 Robert Schad .

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