Hemberg Museum Iserlohn

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Entrance area of ​​the museum

The Hemberg Museum Iserlohn is a museum for natural history and archeology in Iserlohn . As a project of the Märkisches Gymnasium , it is housed in the school building on Hemberg.

The archeology department is the oldest department of the museum and deals with the cultural evolution of humans. Among other things, a valuable replica of the Nebra Sky Disc can be seen here. In the palaeontology department , the exhibits are arranged one after the other in showcases according to the geological formations. Most of the exhibits are originals that have been collected over decades.

The origin of the museum was an archaeological exhibition furnished by Wilhelm Bleicher in 1993, mainly with loans.

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Coordinates: 51 ° 23 ′ 22.5 "  N , 7 ° 42 ′ 4.1"  E