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Fred Thieler, 1974
Fred Thieler (1974)

Fritz Wilhelm Richard "Fred" Thieler (* 17th March 1916 in Königsberg , † 6. June 1999 in Berlin ) was a German painter of the informal .

life and work

Fred Thieler was born in Königsberg as the son of the school principal Richard Thieler and the housewife Lina, née Miserowitz. 1937 enrolled him at the Albertina in Königsberg for the subject medicine , but was for military use in soon Poland and France drafted. Since his mother was Jewish , he was released from military service in 1941 and he was forbidden from continuing his medical studies. Persecuted by the National Socialists , he enrolled at Hein König's private painting school in Munich . Then he had to go underground and worked with the people around the White Rose and the painter and resistance fighter Mac Zimmermann . He brought his mother illegally to Munich and brought her safely through the war. He also hid a prisoner who had fled the military penal institution in Nuremberg in February 1945 .

After the Second World War he attended Karl Caspar's class and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1946 to 1950 , where he painted his first abstract pictures. In May 1952, Thieler was officially accepted into the ZEN 49 group, to which he had been close since it was founded and took part in their first joint exhibition in Munich as a guest in 1950. From 1951 to 1953 he lived in Paris , where he worked for Stanley William Hayter . There he also met Hans Hartung , Pierre Soulages and Serge Poliakoff, among others . In 1953 he became a member of the New Munich Group , in 1954 he was accepted into the German Association of Artists . In 1958 his daughter GL Gabriel-Thieler was born. From 1959 to 1981 he was a professor at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. In 1972 and 1973 he was visiting professor at the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis . From 1976 to 1983 he represented the Federal Republic ( International Society of Fine Arts (IGBK) as the German National Committee) in the International Association of Art (IAA), of which he was elected vice-president in 1979. In 1978 Thieler became a member of the New Darmstadt Secession and the Academy of the Arts , of which he was vice-president from 1980 to 1983. In 1989 he created a ceiling painting in the Residenztheater in Munich.

Fred Thieler died at the age of 83 in June 1999 in Berlin.

Fred Thieler Prize

Every year since 1992, on his birthday , the Berlinische Galerie has awarded the Fred Thieler Prize for Painting, endowed with 10,000 euros. The prize has been awarded every two years since 2007.

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Exhibitions (selection)


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