From here - two months of new German art in Düsseldorf

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From here - Two months of new German art in Düsseldorf was the title of an art exhibition organized by the city ​​of Düsseldorf and the Society for Current Art Düsseldorf eV in Hall 13 at Messe Düsseldorf from September 29 to December 2, 1984 . The curator Kasper König was responsible for the artistic direction and the organizational implementation . The show was intended to help the city of Düsseldorf to regain a higher position in the art world, so that it could be on a par with the rival city of Cologne in terms of art.

The exhibition brought together 68 artists of contemporary art, 63 of whom were directly located in the floor plan of the exhibition, in a hall that was not culturally understood at the time and was spatially designed by the architect Hermann Czech . Were shown, among other sculptures , paintings , graphic works , object and video art and installations . The lettering used for the exhibition from here bore the handwriting of Joseph Beuys and was also designed by him. At the time, the media were conspicuously strong in criticizing Kasper König's approach and the artist's selection of works, but in retrospect the exhibition is one of the most important in Germany in the 1980s.


68 participants were invited, including the normal group:


Literature and film

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  • The exhibition inspired the director Peter Herrmann to make the video film “From here: New German Art in Düsseldorf”, 45 minutes, Munich, 1984, Artcom. The film contains interviews with the artists Bernhard Johannes Blume, Tomas Schmit, Joseph Beuys, Jörg Immendorff, Salom ', Dieter Roth and the exhibition organizer Kasper König.

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