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Kalakukko is a traditional dish in the Savo region of Finland . It is fish baked in bread. Kala is Finnish and means fish, and kukko means rooster; but here kukko has nothing to do with chickens, but means hiding or packing, similar to the word kukkaro , purse. Originally this "fish cock" was intended as a lunch dish for local farmers and fishermen.

Kalakukko is traditionally made with rye flour , although wheat is often added to make the dough smoother. The filling consists of perch or vendace , pork and green bacon . If the pork is not yet salted, the filling is seasoned with dill and salt . After being baked for four to five hours, the kalakukko looks like a large loaf of rye bread. When properly prepared, Kalakukko will last for a long time, e.g. B. six weeks. It is traditionally served with buttermilk or milk.

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