Little vendace

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Little vendace
Little vendace (Coregonus albula)

Little vendace ( Coregonus albula )

Cohort : Euteleosteomorpha
Order : Salmonid fish (Salmoniformes)
Family : Salmon fish (Salmonidae)
Subfamily : Coregoninae
Genre : Coregonus
Type : Little vendace
Scientific name
Coregonus albula
( Linnaeus , 1758)

The whitefish , pygmy vendace or emperor vendace ( Coregonus albula ) is a freshwater fish from the salmon fish family (Salmonidae).


The whitefish has a slim body shape. It looks like herring, but like other vendace it has an adipose fin . The mouth appears on top because the lower jaw protrudes slightly. The sides and belly are silver while the back is colored blue-green. The length can be up to 35 centimeters, but is only around 25 centimeters on average.


They occur in northern Europe from Great Britain to northwestern Russia . New stocking measures support a further settlement in Germany, mainly in former opencast mines which have been flooded. These offer a favorable living space, for example in the Leipziger Neuseenland . They not only live in fresh water, but are also found in the Baltic Sea in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland . They live to a water depth of about 30 meters. In northern Germany they are found particularly east of the Elbe . A special form of growth is at home in the Feldberg lake landscape . The males have a middle mouth and are up to 20 centimeters long, the females have an upper mouth and are up to 17.5 centimeters long. Both have a pronounced belly.

Small vendace (muikku) as a small meal in Helsinki

Way of life

The whitefish is a stationary schooling fish in open water, mostly in larger and nutrient-poor lakes , but can also occur as a migratory form in the Baltic Sea . The food consists exclusively of zooplankton . The spawning maturity occurs at two to three years. The spawning season is after the autumn circulation at temperatures of 4 to 7 ° C, which corresponds to the months of November to December. The eggs, about two millimeters in size, are released through sand, gravel or water plants. The development time is 100 to 120 days due to the low temperatures.


Small vendace is used as food fish and are u. a. a popular base for various dishes (muikku) in Scandinavia .

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