Callias of Chalcis

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Kallias ( Greek : Kαλλιας) was a Greek tyrant who lived in the 4th century BC. Ruled in the city of Chalkis on Euboea .

Kallias was a son of Mnesarchus and followed him as a tyrant of his hometown, where he ruled together with his brother Taurosthenes. Your rule fell in the time of the beginning Athenian-Macedonian antagonism, which occurred in the middle of the 4th Jhs. v. Not least because of the degree of influence on Euboea. Kallias allied himself with King Philip II of Macedonia , from whom he hoped for support against the tyrant Plutarch of Eretria . This in turn sought help from the Athenians, who, against Demosthenes ' advice , sent an army to Evia, which Callias 350 BC. Defeated in a battle near Tamynai. Kallias then went to the Macedonian court, but soon fell out with Philipp, so he went to Thebes instead to get support for his cause.

But he also fell out with the Thebans, so that now, fearing an attack by both the Thebans and the Macedonians, he sought refuge with his former opponents, the Athenians. Indeed, Demosthenes stood up for him and Chalkis became, probably in the year 343 BC. BC, the annual contributions to be paid by Oreos and Eretria were awarded. Demosthenes obviously hoped that this would strengthen the Athenian position on Euboea against Philip. 341 BC Then Athens intervened militarily on the island: Phocion advanced with an Athenian army and drove the tyrants Kleitarchos from Eretria and Philistides from Oreos, so that Callias could achieve an undisputed supremacy in the region. Callias is last encountered in the sources around the year 330 BC. BC, however, little is known about his further fate.