Callimachus (Athens)

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Dedication inscription of the image of the nike praised by Callimachus .

Callimachos († 490 BC at Marathon ) was a politician and general in ancient Athens at the beginning of the 5th century BC. Chr.

Callimachos, who came from the Demos Aphidnai , was appointed Archon polemarchos for the year 490/489 . In this function he was the eleventh member of the college of ten strategists who exercised supreme command over the Athenian armed forces. When a Persian punitive expedition went against Athens and landed in Attica, he is said to have cast the decisive vote in the decision to fight at the persuasion of leading strategist Miltiades . Under Miltiades' command, the Athenians won the battle of Marathon . Callimachus commanded in this battle, as was traditional for the Archon Polemarchos, the right wing with his phyleAiantis and fell while trying to attack the Persian ships.

The memory of Callimachus was kept alive in a painting in the Stoa Poikile in Athens and by an epigram of a dedication, the Nike of Callimachus , which was probably praised by Callimachus .



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