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The Karbe-Wagner-Archiv (KWA) is a local history collection in Neustrelitz , which is a reference library with some additional material collections and individual bequests. The main focus of the collection is the history of the city of Neustrelitz and the regional history of southeast Mecklenburg-Strelitz in particular .



The Karbe-Wagner archive was founded on December 6, 1956 by the Neustrelitz bookseller and local history researcher Annalize Wagner (1903–1986) as a private archive. The foundation was formed by the inheritance of Neustrelitz local history researcher and curator Walter Karbe (1877–1956) and her own collections. The founder's motivation was to preserve the local history collections as the “memory of the region” and to make them publicly available. At the same time, she combined the illusion of being able to compensate for the loss of various historically grown state institutions, such as the Neustrelitz main archive (moved to Schwerin in 1934 and now part of the holdings in the Schwerin state archive ) and the Mecklenburg-Strelitz State Library (dissolved in 1950, stocks distributed), which naturally fails had to. In 1965 the founder nevertheless achieved state recognition of her private archive and from then on enjoyed modest support.

In January 1965, with the support of the Council of the Neubrandenburg District , Culture Department, and the District Museum in Waren , this local research and collection facility was given a full-time position for the founder of the archive, Annalize Wagner. The Karbe-Wagner archive in Neustrelitz became a branch of the district museum in Waren.

Foundation, endowment

In 1973 Annalize Wagner gave the archive to her hometown Neustrelitz. From 1979 to 1987 the Karbe-Wagner Archive was affiliated as a branch of the Historical District Museum in Neubrandenburg . The city of Neustrelitz has been responsible for the facility since 1988.

Time before the turning point

In the 1970s and early 1980s the archive reached a high point of publicity, to which the tireless journalistic activity of Annalize Wagner and her close contacts with the old students of the Neustrelitz grammar school CAROLINUM contributed significantly. September 1956 in Marburg an der Lahn and was headed by senior director a. D. Gustav Heinrich Piehler had his own magazine published. During this time, Annalize Wagner started her own "series of publications from the Karbe-Wagner Archive" on local history topics (19 issues, 1966–1987, since then continued as the series of publications of the Regional Museum Neubrandenburg) and also published individual annual editions. Until the end of her life, the founder fought against the official history of the GDR, in which from the 1960s to around the mid-1980s local history topics had hardly any place.

After the turn

With the fall of 1989/90, the archive participated in the temporary revival of the local and limited regional homeland movement. A support association was founded (which has since been dissolved), which published a "Mecklenburg-Strelitz calendar" as a yearbook from 1996 to 2006 . Overall, however, it was not possible to give the now barely existing south-east Mecklenburg homeland movement fundamentally new impulses.

In 2010, the archive had to give up its traditional rooms on Neustrelitzer Schlossstrasse and had to temporarily move to rooms in the local city library, where it was barely noticeable as an independent facility.

The Karbe-Wagner-Archive in the new Kulturquartier Mecklenburg-Strelitz in the Alte Post in Neustrelitz has been accessible since October 3rd, 2015 .


  • Extensive reference library on regional historical topics, the town history of Neustrelitz and works by local authors
  • Autograph department with handwritten and typewritten notes, especially by Walter Karbe, Annalize Wagner and other regional researchers
  • Periodicals and newspapers, including various unique items ( "Blätter für frei Volksthum" )
  • individual archives and bequests from regional personalities


  • Annalize Wagner [arr.]: Brief overview of the holdings of the Karbe-Wagner archive. Neustrelitz, 1973. 12 pp.
  • Heinz Gittig [edit.]: Mecklenburg and Pomeranian newspapers and weekly papers. Catalog of the holdings from the 17th century to the present. Berlin, 1994. [Also contains information about the KWA's holdings]

The KWA's collection is now accessible through an online catalog.

Series of publications

  • Series of publications of the Karbe-Wagner Archive (19 issues, 1966–1987, since then continued as a series of publications by the Regional Museum Neubrandenburg - volume list )
  • Mecklenburg-Strelitz calendar. Yearbook . Ed .: Förderverein des Karbe-Wagner-Archivs (11 volumes, 1996–2006. Publication discontinued.)
  • New series of publications by the Karbe-Wagner-Archiv Neustrelitz (7 volumes, 2003–2009. Publication discontinued.)

Individual evidence

  1. The annual journal of the Neustrelitz old school students first appeared under the name Caroliner Zeitung and since 1958 and 1966 under the name Das Carolinum or Carolinum
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