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Karl-Heinz Berndt-Elbing , bourgeois Karl-Heinz Berndt , (born January 22, 1934 in Elbing , East Prussia , † December 17, 1999 in Rolfsen ) was a German painter .


The escape from East Prussia initially led Karl-Heinz Berndt to Berlin with his mother and siblings as a child. In addition to training as a freelance painter by Emanuel Meier-Sueper and Hertha Reckzey , he studied Classical Philology, Russian Philology and Psychology there and worked as a lecturer and editorial staff for a scientific publishing house. In Hamburg he met his future wife Karin and settled with her in 1963 as a painter, writer and composer on the island of Sylt . Together with her, he ran a gallery there for three decades. Since September 1st, 1977, Karl-Heinz Berndt drew his works with the artist name Berndt-Elbing .

Berndt was a full member of the Artists' Guild, Germany, and winner of the Elbinger Culture Prize in 1975. In 1977 he and his wife founded the House of Art in Winnipeg / Canada. He went on study and painting trips to France, Scandinavia, Scotland, North America and the Sahara. Acquisitions were made by galleries, public institutions and private collections in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Linked to the art of their father from early childhood, the daughters Nastjenka and Suliko Berndt also acquired the craftsmanship for painting and exhibit their work regularly.

Style and motifs

Berndt-Elbing preferred to work with watercolors on hand-made Japanese paper. This special and technically very demanding technique of watercolor painting on Japanese paper became, along with the motifs, an artistic trademark of Berndt-Elbing throughout the entire creative period. Over the years, Berndt-Elbing also developed a new technique that made it possible to work with oil colors on Japanese paper according to the principles of watercolor painting. In addition to flowers and a few portraits, he primarily chose landscapes as motifs. The landscape of the north with its unmistakable atmosphere, austere beauty and silence always remained the focus of his work, with the vast landscapes of North Friesland, the island of Sylt, North America, Canada and Norway being reflected in his works.


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