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Karl Schwister (born March 15, 1954 in Pulheim ) is a German chemist , editor and author .


Schwister studied chemistry at RWTH Aachen University . In 1990 he was appointed professor of chemistry and at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Since 2013 he has been dean of the mechanical engineering and process engineering department.

Schwister is the great-great-grandson of Johann Schwister (1862–1921), married, has three children and lives in Düsseldorf.


  • Pocket book of environmental technology
  • Process engineering for engineers: A text and exercise book
  • Small chemistry formula collection
  • Taschenbuch der Verfahrenstechnik der Chemie 2, improved edition
  • Paperback of Chemistry
  • ! Switch on CD-ROM Small formulary for chemistry 5.0
  • Paperback of Chemistry 2

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