Khilji dynasty

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Empire of the Khilji Dynasty

The Khilji or Khalji Dynasty ( Persian سلطنت خلجی Sultanate Childschi , DMG Sulṭanat Ḫilǧī ) was a Turkish dynasty in the north Indian Sultanate of Delhi founded in 1206. It succeeded the slave dynasty in 1290and wasreplacedby the Tughluq dynasty 30 years later.


Ikhtiar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiar Khilji, one of Qutb-ud-Din Aibak's generals , conquered Bihar and Bengal in the late 12th century . The Khiljis were vassals of the slave dynasty of the Sultanate of Delhi. Jalal ud din Firoz Khalji took control of the Delhi Sultanate in 1290. His nephew and son-in-law Ala ud din Khilji (r. 1296-1316) is considered the most important ruler of the dynasty, as he was able to successfully repel several Mongol invasions. The dynasty experienced a brief late bloom under his son Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Shah (r. 1316–1320), who was murdered by his general Khusrau Khan .

later branch line

Mahmud Khilji had been ruler of Malwa since 1436 . His successors ruled the region from Mandu until they were conquered by the Sultan of Gujarat (1531).

Some descendants of the Khiljis now live in Alexandria, Virginia in the United States.

Khilji (Khalji) dynasty (1290-1320)

Khilji Sultans of Malwa (1436–1531)

  • Mahmud Khilji (1436–1469)
  • Ghiyas ud din Khilji (1469–1500)

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